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viewing assignments - bug?

Dear all,

Please see below. This educator is experiencing the same exact thing my student is experiencing. In addition, my student does not have the word "Activity" on their dashboard.

"I have made a classroom for my students. For some this works really well, but some students can't see the 'homework' I give them.

I've seen they added my group and I can see them in my group, but they can't see the assignments and in my screen it shows they made the assignments 'late'. Does anyone have a clue why this is happening and how to fix it?"


January 27, 2017



My students are having the same issues, not seeing the assignments, getting multiple emails at the same time for previous assignments, and Doulingo not properly recording their points. It's a shame because I really liked it, but I cannot continue to use it in class if it's not reliable.


Hi! We recently fixed a bug that had been showing pre-created assignments as "pending." When we fixed it, it is possible that accumulated emails that had been waiting to be sent went out. If your students cannot see their assignments, please have them see this.


Hello. I did have my students follow the link you just provided. It did not change the situation for them.


Hi! Can you please share some more details about this? Are they on the website? Did they follow all the steps in the article (including double checking what their username is to make sure they didn't accidentally make two accounts)? If so, please share some of their usernames or email, your classroom name, and send it to teachers(at)duolingo.com and I'll look on our end and then post the reply here.


Same issue here! I have two students out of eight that cannot access their assignments . . . They show up on my roles, but they cannot see the assignments. I went through the steps in the HELP section, and all of them did not provide the solution...

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