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Russian language

Dear makers of Duolingo: Will you develop a Russian language packet? So yes, when are you most likely to roll out this package?

June 20, 2012



Yes! I would love Russian Duolingo so much too :)


I would like a Russian package as well, but I read somewhere that they won't add any more languages themselves, but look at the possibilities that i.e. allows the users to add new languages. I don't think it is a bad idea, as long as the quality is assured.

Does anybody know more about this new concept?


Yes, it's the incubator. Anyone can start putting together the new language lessons as long as they are able to at least fluently write it. I'd willingly do it, but I'm no where near fluent, and I can only speak it so far.

[deactivated user]

    Please add russian! I just started learning russian and I can imagine how great it would be to use duolingo for learning...


    Да пожалуйста!!!


    I am waiting for the Russian to come out! I really love Duolingo's technic.


    I totally agree! I need the Russian language pack asap! :-D Duolingo is pure awesomeness - I need that for developing my Russian skills!


    Hi. I`m from Russia. I learn Franch and I want to deal.


    Ты понимаешь русский?


    I would love to see you adding the Russian pack.


    +1 for Russian pack!


    I really need them to add Russian ASAP! My french is doing good but Russian is my second language that I started learning from some friends and books in 2010. So it would be great if they add it soon as I am going to Russia maybe in 2013 or 2014.


    Yes, it would be very useful to add Russian language. I like Duolingo's method! Is it planned? When?


    Yes I'd love that aswell. This method is just somehow working exeptionally well for me, so russian would be very nice!


    I realy hope for Russian. I see how my German and French are improving and I wish the same for my Russian


    OMG! That would be epic!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Duolingo looks at this... :) I would really love that. It has been a passion of mine to learn the language. So duo lingo I hope u make russia part of your world <3


    Russian is my first language, and I'd like to continue learning German basing on Russian, instead of English. Also, I might actually up my English skills a bit.


    Please make Russian a priority!


    +1 for Russian


    Yesterday I read something in an article about Chinese and Italian!


    Italia has been added. Chinese is soon I guess. I wonder about Japaniese. Honestly I don't know when I would use protugese. But I hope they add russian soon.


    yes, I'm doing German right now, but Russian would be awesomeeeee


    No worries. I'm sure the developers at Duolingo will have a Russian Language program up and running at some point within the years (yes, years) it will take you to become fluent in German.


    Yes please! It would be great if you provide a russian language package as well :D


    Russian pack PLEASE!!!


    i am still waiting for Russian language! cuz i need both German and Russian i've started with German already and waiting for the Russian one


    Yes, Russian please!!!!


    Please make Russian available! it will be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Yeah i need russian too. Pleaaaaase!! :) I really like Duolingo, this is the best way to learn languages as a newby. :) My first lang. is English, secondary is German. I would like to learn russian too. :)


    yess ,russian pleaseeeeee....


    a russian language would be so incredibly wonderful. I'm in an intensive Russian class and Duolingo helps me practice everyday


    YES, YES and YES!


    If this is a poll, you have mi vote hehe!


    One more vote for Russian. :)


    BUMP ......пожалуйста!!......


    But why not put on Duolingo to learn Russian? I would be happy to learn it! I am looking for other sites where you can learn Russian, but there aren't! Do you know sites where you can learn Russian?


    I'm trying busuu.com right now. Busuu is great because it's interactive with native speakers, however only a small portion of the content is free, you can only study one language for free, and it's not as fun as Duolingo. Great for testing your current knowledge with native speakers, though.


    I usually visit learnrussian.com, its a section of RT.com ( Russsia Today). It's a very interestinq page to learn russian language.


    We can start crowdsourcing a Russian course http://incubator.duolingo.com/


    Hi guys,

    I'm a bit upset. Why are the deadlines always moved a couple days every couple days ? It's been like that for a month now. Come on, you should have known a month ago that it wouldn't be done 2 days later, right ? Please set serious deadline and keep at them.

    I'm very disappointed, since I have 2 weeks of holidays, and really thought I'd be able to focus on learning Russian through Duolingo during those. If you had said right from the beginning that it wouldn't be ready by October, I wouldn't have worried about it every time.


    From what I've read around the site, the actual content is ready to be rolled out. The deadline date is an automated date by the software and it keeps moving it ahead as an important requirement for the Voice enabling software is not installed yet. I believe the team is working on this, but we've not had an official update on this.


    That would be awesome!


    I know Russian, but I want learn English language in DuoLingo.


    That would be awesome!


    I would love this.


    yes please add russian


    Я за! Если помощь нужна, сообщите!


    Russian would be great! If you need help, I'd love to contribute.


    They actually added new languages but only the speakers of that language can contribute on it. If its fine by you, it would be great if you learn us russian, personnaly I'd love to learn that language. Its :http://incubator.duolingo.com/ I hope your ok with this :D


    Hopefully they will eventually add all languages =] But it looks like Chinese and Portuguese are up next, so Russian won't be coming for a little while.


    I think it might take quite a while to add all 6000+ human languages onto this site.


    Well, they better get on it. I'm in such a hurry to learn Voynich... I won't be able to decipher the mysteries of the universe without an understanding of the language.


    Me too-- would love to see Russian Duolingo!


    Well people, if Duolingo would teach me Russian as well as they taught me Spanish, I would love it too. I am a beginner in Russian and I love the way Duolingo teach me Spanish. I have had difficult times with the Russian language. I like the method.


    i concur, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee give us Russian, I mean, speaking Russian is really a big plus (bigger than portugese, I'd say, since you can pretty much make sense of portuguese when you know Spanish after all)


    I want too the rusian pack!!!!


    You have my vote for Russian, but it sounds like Chinese is next.


    I don't even know the Russian letters...


    I know Russian and want to learn English.


    I need this to happen! I'm a native English speaker but I think Russian is a very cool language and I really want to learn and what better way to learn than Duolingo? Please add by christmas?! xoxo


    Russian course is 99% for many weeks now. I do not want to be impatient, but I really can not away the course. Please continue your efforts to make it available.


    The course is ready, but the voice software isn't. I wouldn't recommend waiting on it any further as there have been no official updates on this. The announced date is an automated update from the software and is pretty meaningless at this point.


    Thanks for this information.


    Duolingo + russian = <3


    please, russian would just do it


    Russian Please!!!


    Please, I want to learn russian so badly!


    Yes, please add Russian. That would be fantastic!


    Please add Russian soon


    add my vote for Russian also spacibo


    You have my vote for Russian!


    I think learning russian via duolingo would be a great addition. There is a whole realm of internet just dedicated to russian. I hope there will be a possibility for a russian addition in the future.


    I also would like to learn Russian in Doulingo!!!


    Yup yup. I use some oher software and websites for Russian. Just learned about Duolingo and I want to try Russian.


    Please, please, please add Russian!


    I am learning Russian because there are large pockets of Russian speakers where I live in Northern California. I love how so many people from different countries can speak to each other with Russian as a common language. And it sounds awesome! Please, Duolingo!!


    Waiting Russian pack! Add a Latin pack too if possible. Lol


    please that's will be awesome


    Russian- pazhaluuuuuuyyyyysta!


    мы хотим русский язык! :D


    One more vote for Russian!


    The duolingo system is the best that I've found on the internet. As a student of German for 8 years and a Russian student for 2, to see a Russian language course added would be most beneficial.


    Yes, I have another vote for Russian for English speakers... dying for it, pleeeeeeeze! :-D


    w8 .. will i need a russian keyboard for this ? :D


    Russian keyboard is a must. You have to also to learn from scratch to type on a russian keyboard layout.


    I want to learn russian too!!


    Russian, harasho!!


    I have just subscribed as a contributor and moderator for Russian language team. Hope they approve me quickly. My friends are learning other languages with this site and are very eager to see it in Russian.

    Meanwhile, I can help others with learning/checking some Russian, if you are really motivated to do that (free of charge, I just like doing it). Contact me on Facebook :)

    I'm learning Danish myself, but I don't think it's going to come soon here...


    That's spectacular! I hope you're approved as well!

    And I agree that Danish might not be coming soon...Although that sounds truly interesting to learn!


    Yes... I like how Danish sounds and treats words in a tender way. But it is spoken by a relatively small group of people, therefore it is hard to find fun courses in this language.


    Yes. I have found that a difficulty in several languages I'd love to learn...


    Please add Russian ASAP!!! I no longer have a place to study Russian, and I can't wait for next year.


    I switched to Mango Languages because Duolingo is taking WAY too long and keeps getting pushed back over and over


    I'm very excited! At 92% it is almost ready for the beta! :D


    I can't wait for Russian to come out! I have been waiting for it and today the hatching went from 98% to 99%! Will it come out into beta today?:D :D :D


    Any word on when Russian will go live? I can't wait to start, check for it regularly.

    • 2734

    me too, it's frustrating...


    I've been watching the Russian language spot. It seems to be stuck at 99%. Every few days or so the "expected date" jumps ahead 3 days or so.


    I am waiting too. I hope it will begin soon. Thanks Duo Lingo.


    Now it's interesting, it took a 7 days delay, and fell back to 98%. I'm not sure what's wrong with it, and I don't understand why a partial version can't be published, with the last few topics not yet released...

    Some languages have more words in total than others, so I don't get why it's stuck. Are they double-double-double checking everything? When you see the mistakes in the beta versions I guess that is not the reason...


    I am waiting as well. One of the updates did talk about their selection of an API for text to speech, if I remember right, and that Duolingo had to integrate it. It is possible this is taking longer? I suppose that things are more complicated on the inside of the project than it seems like on the outside. Also, last time I looked at things, it was all volunteer work, and the team probably all have jobs and other things in their lives. There are many other resources on the web to learn Russian, but I am interested to see what this course will look like. I know, that like everyone else, it is hard to be patient, especially if you have been anticipating it from when it was announced. :)


    The last I heard, the team itself is ready, but some software used for text to speech isn't, and that is the main cause of the delay. But I am impatient too and am checking daily for Russian!


    Why does the Russian keep getting pushed back? I have been waiting for over 2 months to get started on it.


    I can't believe how long it's been in beta.... I recognize that the Cyrillic alphabet has to be factored in, but for the Esperanto course to have gone through full development in the time it took Russian to move something like 10%? It's a little disappointing. There are so many new languages being added on, but Russian keeps being pushed back.


    is Russian coming out or what? it says 22 and it is now 26.... and dates keep changing since august...


    Ask and you shall receive.


    I've only just started, but the new Russian course looks really good (even though it's still in Beta). I'll write something longer when I have acquired greater fluency, but for now, a big спасибо to the developers!


    When will the Russian packet be available through the app?


    Would be really great!


    I support this too.


    i think it will be great!


    I would love this, but how does one go about adding a new language to duolingo?


    Please, Duolingo, add Russian. I just started learning it and I love the way you teach languages, it would help me so much. Thank you! x


    I can't wait to see Russian out, I'd tried other learning sites, even specialized on Russian, none of them are nearly as good as duolingo.


    yes! I would be really nice!! :) Even do you have to charge something for it! :)


    I would really looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove to learn Russian on Duolingo. I love Duolingo. It's very easy, fun and fast to learn a language with this program and I would really really love to learn Russian through Duolingo. Please, Duolingo, add Russian!!!

    I'm so grateful and thank you soo much!! Much love XOXOXO!!!


    i would love russian duolingo too!


    I need the duolingo russian verrrrrry much please duolingo! please!


    Ya khochu Russkiy yazik.


    Russian would be awesome!!! :)


    That would be awesome! I can't wait for a Russian version to come out!


    i want to learn руссий!!!!!


    I also would like to learn Russian :)


    Yes! Russian please!


    Would like Russian as well as Esperanto. Don't want to learn any other languages besides those two.


    I want that one immediately.


    waiting and waiting... when will the russian language be available?


    I would absolutely love Russian!!! Duolingo is awesome and I think they would have an awesome Russian program since their vocab/grammer is fabulous.


    Some of my friends also use this program to learn Spanish, but Russian would allow us to communicate secretly on the bus and at school. Plus, who doesn't love screaming "NYET!" at people?


    Yes! I second (nth?) this. Russian duolingo would be amazing.


    Agree, Russian would be fantastic. The language I want to learn. In fact, I'd be willing to pay for it.


    The Russian language is great so plz add it


    +1 for Russian! :) Thank you


    Yes! Full support! Russian Duolingo!


    looking forward for Russian on duolingo :)


    I need Russian! I think that would be WONDERFUL!!!


    Yes please, another vote for Russian.


    That would be great! I think the Duolingo format would be great for a language like Russian.


    English for Russian speakers is already in the Incubator. After that enters phase 3, Russian for English speakers will enter Phase 1 in the Incubator, and will be about half finished already. :)


    That's fantastic!! Any word on a timeframe?


    Any idea as to the timeframe for that?


    Yes please...Russian is awsome !!!


    Add my vote & encouragement for an English-to-Russian packet. A timetable would be nice. But most of all thanks to the Russian volunteers- what a great service you are doing! I'd help out if I could...


    Russian would be a great addition. I have had to go to pimsleur for the time being while I wait.


    Please, someone add Russian! I love the language and really want to learn it; but I haven't found a good place to learn it yet.

    Please, someone incubate it!


    Wish granted! http://incubator.duolingo.com once the English for Russian course is finished, they will create a Russian for English course ^_^


    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I can't wait!


    Bumps don't work on Duolingo. Discussions only rise with up votes. :)


    I am sorry :( The good news is that once English for Russian leaves the beta course, the Russian for English speakers course will be created. So, it can't go any faster than it already is, even if the discussion could be bumped. It is on it's way. It will just take a little longer. :)


    Russian, please! :)


    Is there any way these guys can get to work on the English-Russian language part? Many of the other languages are progressing while this one just sits with 5 contributors...


    @JaySpaz, the people working to build courses are all community volunteers. Many people have full time jobs and families to feed and other important details. On top of that, they are having to learn how to use the Incubator again because Duolingo has made some changes that will make it more efficient in the long run. In the short run, it is going to take some extra time. So, please be patient with the gifts (by way of language course) the course contributors are working to giving everyone. They just need some time. ^_^


    I started learning the alphabet, and some numbers and phrases. I can't wait till they have Russian because I am looking forward to doing it on Duolingo!


    I hear Russian is under development for duolingo... I have one question though, will I need to buy a new keyboard to be able to do the course?


    No, you won't need to buy a new keyboard. There are several ways to produce Russian characters with an english-language keyboard, хорощо.


    Russian is working now, but the voice over is too robotic. Sound is not natural.


    Yay finally out! But I'm surprised, all the words are written in Roman letters, I wish it was using the Cyrillic alphabet.


    On the first screen it had the option to toggle it. Look for it, you can use it in Cyrillic. In any lesson look in the upper left for a little slider.


    I see, that option isn't in the mobile web version. thank you


    Just eager to see it in the app (with cyrilic, please, and without accents in English).


    How to set up the achieved level of Russian on LinkedIn?


    When we will have an immersion in Russian? :) :)


    hi please someone translate this (Пока в гостях мы) for me thank i need it

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