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  5. "Αυτοί τρώνε τα γλυκά."

"Αυτοί τρώνε τα γλυκά."

Translation:They are eating the sweets.

January 27, 2017



I translated this as "They eat the candy" and it was marked wrong, but I have never heard anyone use the word "candies" to me "candy" is both singular and plural.


It a regional issue in English. In UK English, you do hear "candies". In the US they use "candy" as a common plural (like "sheep" or "fish"). I take my hat off to Duolingo in navigating the minefield that is English. But I avoid translating μπισκότα as "biscuits", which would be the UK usage.


In this translation both "they are eating sweets" and "they are eating the sweets" are acceptable. A few sentences earlier, "the man has the the plates" is acceptable, but "the man has plates" is not. Shouldn't both translations be generally acceptable; the context being the determining factor in actual use?


Thank you for asking this! I don't know either and I hope someone who knows this comes along and answers.


I agree that "they eat the candy" shoud be acceptable here as candy is also used in a plural sense. Normally we say "a piece of candy" when we mean one and only use "candies" to refer to a collection of different types of candy. From now on I am sticking with "sweets" for τα γλύκα as it is more simple

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