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How do you first learn the words?

when I go into a lesson there are words that I have not learned and they are already asking me to say what they mean in English. Where do I go to first learn the words before being tested on them?

1 year ago


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When you hover with the mouse over the Hungarian word (or the English ones too) it shows the translation or translations, if available.

Now, there are some glitches, as a few of them either do not have a translation or even though it offers a translation when you use it in the sentence it does not accept it, so you NEED to use other translation resources such as dictionaries whether physical or on line.

What we have been doing so far is reporting any issue about this to Duolingo, using the "report a problem" button, and they have been making progress fixing those that get reported, but not all of them.

Three things:

-get a dictionary

-take notes (of "accepted" answers)

-report issues with the "report a problem" button. Not on the discussion forum.

Good luck :)

1 year ago


Thanks for the help!

1 year ago