"Romanian soups are the best."

Translation:Supele românești sunt cele mai bune.

January 27, 2017

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For fun (and bonus lingots) can any Romanians (or soup connoisseurs) provide us a list of Supele românești to seek out and try? Thanks!


Ciorba de perisoare, supa de pui, and zeama are my personal favorites. Make them! Lots of recipes on Youtube and you can listen to the Romanian being spoken. Search 'retete de ciorba' for videos.


Ciorba de Perișoare (meatball) and Ciorba de Burta (tripe) are my favorites and you can find recipes online. Ciorba = sour soup with an ingredient such as Borș Magic, real borș, or lemon juice to make it sour.


With all dued respect to the others who answered, soup, ciorba, and zeama are three different things. It is true that the English language is poor in this regard, maybe zeama could be stock, but I still think we shouldn"t mix them. As regards borș, it is used to make the ciorba, to turn it sour, although in some parts of the country the locals have turned it into a synonym for ciorbă, actually it isn't, it is just a colloquial way of referring ciorba.


And of course Borş!!!


Wouldn't that translate to "the Romanian soups are the best"?


I am not 100% sure, but I think that Romanian requires you to use a plural noun with the definite article when referring to the entire group (of soups in this case). Another example that I had earlier: “Unele femei sunt mai înalte ca bărbații.” See here.


Not necessarily. Although both are correct in English, the "the" is omitted when common nouns are used in a very broad sense, e.g. here we talk about THE Romanian soups, but all of them are the best, any of them is the best.


I agree,ciorba este cea mai bună!!!


I think so, too!


Let's agree to disagree. The Romanian soups (ciorbița) are my least favourite dishes in the traditional menu.


Shouldn't they be using the word Ciorba rather than Supe?


Ciorbă and supă are not the same dish.


I'm sure this is what they thought about, but given the lack of English words to define such a local (Balkan) dish (maybe sour soup would fit although ciorba is different in that being thicker not just sour, and usually having vegetables), I think they missed the point they were trying to make.

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