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"The woman pays a low rent for her house."

Translation:Η γυναίκα πληρώνει ένα φτηνό ενοίκιο για το σπίτι της.

January 27, 2017



Why "χαμηλό ενοίκιο" is wrong?


Why is ´μικρό' wrong?


Good morning Duolingo!

As it concerns the consistency of the lessons the word "φτηνό" does not have a place here. Two questions earlier, in the same question in English, this word, "cheap", was faulty because the correct answer was "low" and the Greek translation was "χαμηλό". For my opinion both answers are correct, but you have to decide which one is acceptable by the system.

Your friend Kleanthes


Well, unfortunately, translating from one language to another is sometimes a bit more complicated than it looks :)

Yes, in direct translation, cheap = φτηνός and low = χαμηλός, but this translation is not an exact one. Even though we use the word φτηνό in Greek to refer to the rent, cheap is rarely ever used in English for that. A flat might be cheap. A book might be cheap. But when English people refer to the actual rent, or to prices in general, they use either high or low. And that makes sense, considering that one can't buy a price for a price. So it can't be cheap, nor expensive. ;)


Can you imagine why I won't have enough time to erase the self-evident things from my mind? many years of wrong language use have shaped my thinking.

Imagine, I spend 20 min for this note, how long it takes to follow the TV dialogs.


It's fine.

Long story short, cheap/expensive is for things, low/high is for prices. Rent is considered a price, so cheap/expensive wouldn't work.

I guess I could have been a little bit more brief with my explanation.:P


Yes, I see. We also use "low/high" for indicators readings to fill the main engine's log book etc. I need to learn new ways to use the words "low/high". The necessity which pushed me to learn my already known use of these words has to take over again to store in my mind the new meanings.

Thank you Dimitra Kleanthes

I congratulate myself because I remembered the expression "take over". :lol:


Is ένα really necessary in this sentence?


Great! Thanks G :)

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