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Romanian Verb Conjugations?

I would like to learn Romanian, but the verbs introduced in the beginning are not explained on how they are conjugated. Would someone who knows how to conjugate Romanian verbs help me? Thanks.

January 28, 2017



Thank you for this!


Do you also know of a site that you can input a conjugated form and it will return the infinitive?


Unfortunately, I don't. But throw them all in here and I can give you all the conjugations, plus basic (or advanced) explanation, plus other similar examples, plus exceptions to the rule - you get the point. :)


'verbix . com' is a disaster, and so is 'conjugare . ro'
google "didactic . ro tabel conjugarea verbelor'.

Here an example of erroneus conjugations on 'conjugare . ro':
'a sta' is conjugated as 'stete' in 3rd sg. Perfect Simplu. Correct form is 'st─âtu'

Here an example of erroneus conjugation on 'verbix . com':
'a vrea' is conjugated as 'vrau' in 1st sg Present. Correct is 'vreau'


Haha, "stete" e misto rau, totusi, mult mai tare decat forma corecta.


Thanks man. This will help a lot.

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