Losing hearts

I've noticed that sometimes as soon as I lose the third heart, I lose the lesson. Whereas other times, I can continue without any hearts until I get a 4th question wrong. Why is this?

March 2, 2014


Did you activate an extra heart from the lingot store?

I usually have an extra heart available - but don't often activate it. So does that mean that if I lose three hearts I can keep on playing without activating my spare until I get another question wrong? So in effect, if I utilise the spare, that's two extra chances I've had? I'm confused now!

I've never used the spare heart, so I don't know the mechanics.

The first few lessons (basics etc) have 4 hearts - so maybe you lost only after 4 hearts in italian, given that you seem to have started that more recently? Later lessons always have 3 hearts

Hi, thanks for reply. No, I'm talking about French and definitely where there are only three to start with. I'll look more closely next time it happens and see if I can work it out.

Hi Dogstaruk! The correct format of the hearts should allow you with 4 chances. The first three times you get a question wrong, you clear out your hearts. The fourth time you get a question wrong, you should have lost the lesson. I'm afraid that's all I can answer, but have you tried logging out and back in or checking on another computer or device?

Hi Angel - thanks for the reply. There are definitely times when I lose the lesson as soon as the third heart goes. I'll do what you suggest. I'm just curious if this happens to anyone else. Thanks.

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