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  5. "Dậy mà đi!"

"Dậy đi!"

Translation:Get up and go!

January 28, 2017



what is the function of 'mà' here?


It's a shorten version of "để mà" which means to do something. But don't bother using this kind of phrase because Vietnamese just don't use this


Call to stand up yourself means dậy mà đi (initiative), GET UP !! :) dậy đi (passive)


For thoſe who are curious, this is a ſong name: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Yu6rKsmPa0

Perſonally I conſider it ſupremely idiotic to teach ſong names like this with no indication to the learner that that is what they are


Usually a đi at the end of a sentence means an imperative =/


"đi" here means go "mà" here is actually a shorten version of "để mà..." (means to do something) Vietnamese don't usually use this kind of phrase, this is from a poem/song and that's why it seems strange


why wouldn't it be va?


This should be moved to idioms'...as you can't figure out the meaning based on just the literal translation of the words. Google says this means "wake up!" and it also says "đậy và đi' is 'get up and go".

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