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"I am drinking tea in Abergavenny."

Translation:Dw i'n yfed te yn Y Fenni.

January 28, 2017



just in case I'm missing something, are these two options from the multiple choice question exactly the same?

  1. Dw i'n yfed te yn Y Fenni.
  2. Dw i'n yfed te yn y Fenni.

If so, why?


Yeah I'd say so. But I personally wouldn't capitalise the "Y" and I don't know which if either is considered 'more' correct.


You're right. It's not advisable to capitalise the y but people do sometimes.

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Personally 'Y Fenni' looks better to me, interestingly if you google 'dw i'n byw yn Y Fenni' or 'dw i'n byw yn y Fenni' it seems to be 60:40 lower case:upper case for the definite article.


That's interesting. I was referring to the more common practice of book/magazine editors, style guides, official government publications etc. Maybe the (newer?) tendency to capitalise the article is on the up though.

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