"Ananașii noștri sunt copți."

Translation:Our pineapples are ripe.

January 28, 2017

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Ripe / mature / baked

Gender - singular - plural

Masc. - copt - copți

Feminin- coaptă - coapte

Neutru - copt - coapte

  • (despre alimente) care a fost supus, fără apă sau alt lichid, acțiunii focului pentru a putea fi mâncat.

(About food) that has been subjected, without water or other liquid, to the action of fire in order to be eaten.

  • (despre fructe și plante) ajuns la deplină dezvoltare sub acțiunea unor condiții naturale; bun de mâncat.

(About fruits and plants) that have reached full development under the natural conditions; Good to eat.

  • Măr copt. - Ripe apple / Baked apple.
  • Cireșe coapte. - Ripe cherries.


Can copti not mean cooked?


it shows 'baked' as an alternative when you mouse-over the word copți.


Either baked or ripe are both excellent things for pineapples to be. Both would be better :)


Ripe was not in the selection

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