"Ananașii noștri sunt copți."

Translation:Our pineapples are ripe.

January 28, 2017



Ripe / mature / baked

Gender - singular - plural

Masc. - copt - copți

Feminin- coaptă - coapte

Neutru - copt - coapte

  • (despre alimente) care a fost supus, fără apă sau alt lichid, acțiunii focului pentru a putea fi mâncat.

(About food) that has been subjected, without water or other liquid, to the action of fire in order to be eaten.

  • (despre fructe și plante) ajuns la deplină dezvoltare sub acțiunea unor condiții naturale; bun de mâncat.

(About fruits and plants) that have reached full development under the natural conditions; Good to eat.

  • Măr copt. - Ripe apple / Baked apple.
  • Cireșe coapte. - Ripe cherries.
May 16, 2017


Can copti not mean cooked?

January 28, 2017


it shows 'baked' as an alternative when you mouse-over the word copți.

February 25, 2017


i think so too

February 9, 2017


Either baked or ripe are both excellent things for pineapples to be. Both would be better :)

November 2, 2018


How would you say "Our pineapple 'is' ripe"? Ananasii nostri este copti?

March 2, 2019


Ananasul nostru este copt.

May 8, 2019


Ripe was not in the selection

March 7, 2019
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