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  5. "Του έστειλα ένα γράμμα."

"Του έστειλα ένα γράμμα."

Translation:I sent him a letter.

January 28, 2017



Why is 'letter' here γράμμα and not επιστολή? I had thought that επιστολή was for 'letter' meaning: written message sent by mail, and γράμμα was for 'letter' meaning: letter of the alphabet.


γράμμα can mean both, just like in English. In fact I'm sure this has been used earlier in the Greek course


The audio is weird and confusing.


Is there a difference between γράμμα and επιστολή when you refer to a written piece of paper that you send to someone? In italian we have "lettera" with the same meaning of γράμμα (alphabet letter and piece of paper written) and "epistola" just for the written message. Really "epistola" is a word used in the past and in formal context but now, in every day speech, is really unusual.

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