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  5. Я закончил русское дерево.


Я закончил русское дерево.

After quitting and restarting several times, I've finally completed the Russian tree! I'm excited, but I know I need to go back and review a lot to make sure the vocabulary and grammar are internalized. (This is my first Slavic language.)

I was wondering if any of you had any recommendations for my next step in my goal of becoming conversational in Russian.

FYI - Right now, I have the new Penguin Russian course, but I really need to improve my listening comprehension.

January 28, 2017




For listening comprehension - listen to music with the lyrics in front of you, watch movies/cartoons with Russian subtitles (Mosfilm's YouTube channel is a good place to find them), listen to radio or watch television.


I would watch cartoons/movies that you watch a lot, so you know each word and it translates better.


Not great for me, in English I mostly watch old movies that aren't available in Russian :-) But you're right - Russian versions of movies/books you know well in another language are best.


Nice work! One day I will too :)


так держать !

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