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  5. "My friend has humor."

"My friend has humor."

Translation:Ο φίλος μου έχει χιούμορ.

January 28, 2017



So, would "My friend is humorous" be: "Ο φίλος μου είναι χιουμοριστικό"?


We would say ο φίλος μου είναι αστείος,πνευματώδης ή χιουμορίστας, χιουμοριστικός is not normally used for people


In English would it not translate better as " My friend is funny" or "my friend has a sense of humour"?


Yes (sorry, I get a bit repetitive on these types of sentences), you can't say "my friend has humour" in English. This is a wrong sentence. All of the 3 mentioned above (sense of humour, funny, humorous) should probably be included, with the first of these as the standard translation.

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