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  5. "Yes, we speak English."

"Yes, we speak English."

Translation:Da, noi vorbim limba engleză.

January 28, 2017



So, "engleză" is spelled with "ă" regardless if you use it together with "limba" or without, but Romanian is spelled with "ă" only if used without "limba"?


It's really weird. It must be a mistake, because I've seen engleza used in exactly this way in other questions, and it was correct. I think these words all follow the same rule as fată/fata: so, limba română means "the Romanian language," while engleza means "the English." A definite article is sensible here, even if it is nonstandard in English. There's only one language called English, after all so it can't be "vorbesc o engleză," or "vorbesc o limbă engleză."

But, Since română and engleză are both being used as adjectives, I'm not sure if their noun form is the same.


"a" = "the" in English [Noi] Vorbim limba engleză = we speak the English language [Noi] Vorbim engleza = we speak THE English [Noi] Vorbim engleză = we speak English In this case the meaning is identical in all three cases.


2018-07-31 I agree with jpaugh here, and echo your confusion, Thomas_Slo. I believe Duo is incorrectly flagging this as a typo (maybe it used to be an error?), and engleza is correct if you don't use limba.


Why not "Da, vorbim englezește"?


I believe englezește is really old and no longer used among the natives :)


I only know it as romaneşte for example from the natives, maybe it depends on the different regions...


Can we use "Da vorbim limba engleza"

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