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  5. "Mały kot pije mleko."

"Mały kot pije mleko."

Translation:A little cat is drinking milk.

January 28, 2017



Such a tender image :)


I put the "the small cat drinks milk" and it was coubted wrong. Anyone know why?


It's an accepted answer, it should have worked...


I also replied " small cat drinks milk" Why is it wrong?


Is saying "the small cat drinks milk" the same as "the small cat is drinking milk?" Or is the difference something to be covered in a future lesson?


For 99% of Polish verbs, there is no difference between Present Simple and Present Continuous. So generally those sentences are the same.

That 1% (well, a lot less actually) covers Verbs of Motion and so-called habitual verbs.

There is a habitual verb for "to drink", it's "pijać". "Mały kot pija mleko" = The small cat drinks milk" (and NOT "is drinking"). But the 'normal' verb is perfectly fine for Present Simple as well. Habitual verbs aren't even in the scope of this course, they are not that important compared to other things that are taught. It's good to know about them, but you don't need to use them. There aren't that many verbs that have a habitual equivalent anyway.


The translaton options on this sentence were not correct for me. It did not offer small/little...only large...how do others inform on errors they come across?


Could you provide a screenshot? It seems impossible, "large" has nothing to do with this sentence and the options are built on the basis of the main answer.


Why cannot "small cat drinks milk" be accepted? I think it's actually the same.


Mały kot pije mleko - A small cat drinks milk/ The small cat drinks milk

Kotek pije mleko - A little cat drinks milk/ The little cat drinks milk


"small cat drinks milk" is wrong. silly


That's a headline, not a sentence.


What's wrong with translated answer "A little cat drinks milk"? In fact, there is NO Present Continuous in Polish, so it should have worked.


It's an accepted answer.

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