"The skirt of Gabriella looks to be short."

Translation:Fusta Gabrielei pare să fie scurtă.

January 28, 2017



Why is "fusta Gabrielei arată scurtă" marked wrong?

January 28, 2017


I wanted to know why it was să fie and not a fi.

September 2, 2017


Because Romanian uses the subjunctive a lot more than in English.

September 3, 2017


So this is a subjunctive or a conjunction followed by a subjunctive?

May 3, 2018


This is the very first time a construction like "sã fie" appears on the course. Could anyone explain it to me, please?

Does "sã fie" clearly mean "to be" or is it just the case in this context?


April 14, 2019


"fie" is always the form of a fi that goes with să, just as "citească" is the form of a citi, that goes with să. e.g. Mihai o să citească. - Mihai will read. Mihai o să fie fericit. - Mihai will be happy. Mihai trebuie să fie nebun. - Mihai has to be mad. Of course that's only the 3. Person singular. Eu trebuie să fiu nebun. - I have to be mad. The forms are: fiu, fii, fie, fim, fii, fie.

April 20, 2019
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