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"Farmacia este lângă florărie?"

Translation:Is the pharmacy near the flower shop?

January 28, 2017


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Couldn't florărie be translated as florist?


No, because:

  • flower shop = florărie
  • florist = florar / florăreasă (first is male florist, second is female florist)


According to Pop60's comment, it seems that English speakers can use "florist" when referring to a flower shop, so I guess I was wrong.


"The pharmacy is near the florist?" should be accepted. In English a florist is the term for a flower shop, regardless of the sex of the person serving you. As florist is synonymous with flower shop, the M Lurch "explanation" seems not to explain anything. I agree re accepting chemist, pharmacy or drugstore - also these are all just synonyms in English.

[deactivated user]

    How about close to instead of near? I think both should be accepted.


    That seems very reasonable.


    Just for fun I tried "Is the chemist's near the florist's" (BrE). Refused of course. Reported.


    Amusingly (to me) "The pharmacy is close to the flower shop" is also not accepted.


    When you make a mistake is english, you get also punished. I wonder what kind of course this is, english-romanian or romanian-english? Maybe both...

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