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"Whose bottle of wine is that?"

Translation:Wessen Flasche Wein ist das?

February 20, 2013



Is this also correct, and if not, why? "Wessen Flasche Wein ist dieser?"

FYI, duolingo says it's incorrect.


"dieser" ist falsch, weil es sich auf "die Flasche" bezieht, und Flasche ist feminin. Besser ist aber: "Wessen Flasche Wein ist das?"


You say it relates itself to Falsche(feminine word) so it can't be dieser, now I still have a question: Is it true"Wessen Flasche Wein ist diese?". Thanx for help


Ja, es ist richtig! Du könntest fragen: Wessen Flasche Wein ist diese (Flasche)? Best regards from Cologne!


is this right?

"Wessen Flasche Wein ist dies?"


The sentence is definitely grammatical but maybe they want "this" for "dieser".


Wem gehört diese Flasche Wein?, that's what tells me is correct. I wrote, Wessen ist das Flasche Wein? - Why this is incorrecort


Same problem...


I think that the question word "Wessen" and an object are inseparable.


Flasche is a feminine noun. So, in the nominative case, we should use "die" (instead of das, as you did). However, as with the original english sentence, I believe there is no need to use an article in the german version. The word order also seems to be "wrong". I'm not absolutely sure, but I think that the verb should appear after the subject of the sentene, in this case: Flasche Wein, not before.


Just out of curiosity, Could someone use the genative of "flasche des wein"?


I've also tried to use genitive "des Weines" which is supposedly even wronger/?/


y cant it be-wessen Flasche aus Wein ist das?


Flasche aus Wein - means "a bottle made of wine". Flasche and Glas a words that are used with drinks without any additional help. It is always Flasche Saft, Flasche Wein, Flasche Bier. Same with Glas


Why is "Wessen Flasche von Wein das ist? " wrong??


Flasche Wein of itself means "bottle of wine"


Wessen is genitive and is never combined with ''von''.


Why a down vote? That is a grammatical truth that my native German speaking, teacher husband told me. He also said that 'von' is not used with things like ''Dose'', so maybe containers? I just noticed also that the verb in the sentence in question is not in the right place, so that is another reason it doesn't work. So, gorn61 is right in that Flasche Wein already means ''bottle of wine'' but a good way to remember that is to remember ''wessen'' is never combined with ''von''.

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