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"Biletele noastre sunt dus-întors."

Translation:Our tickets are round trip.

January 29, 2017



"Our tickets are returns" would be natural English and I think a correct translation. Strangely I think "Our tickets are round trip" could be OK but would probably be used about more exotic journeys - transatlantic sea crossings, special air journeys etc, I do agree not typical at the train station!


I think this is a BrE vs AmE thing, While we Brits say "return", I think Americans say "round trip". And these courses are written in American English. However, "returns" should also be accepted. Reported.


Our tickets are returns (short for return ticketS).


The audio REALLY sounds like she says "de dus-intors" instead of just "dus-intors".


It's the good old ”suntă” glitch you're hearing ;)


Your suggested translation is not good, and would not normally be used in English. You can either say "our tickets are for a round trip" or "we have return tickets".

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