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Cantonese Short Lesson 5: ✍ Adjectives! ✍

Welcome to the fifth lesson of Cantonese! Hope you are all still conscious enough after New Year celebrations ;)

This time, I will not give specific examples of adjectives, but will refer yous to this link with audio for Cantonese characters as well!

And guess what? Adjectives stay the same adjectives no matter what objects they follow, unlike in, for example, French: (une grande femme, mais un grand table). Furthermore, like English, they always come before the objects!

Some sentences:

這是一個大蘋果。 = This is a/one big apple. (ze5 si6 jat1 go3 daai6 ping4 gwo2)

那隻矮的螞蟻比另一隻矮的螞蟻矮一點。 = This short ant is a little shorter than the other short ant. (naa5 zek3 ngai2 dik1 maa1 ngai5 bei2 ling6 jat1 zek3 ngai2 dik1 maa1 ngai5 ngai2 jat1 dim2) Please try saying that :) Lingot for success, but please be honest

這是非常貴。 = It is very expensive. (ze5 si6 fei1 soeng4 gwai3)

Cantonese Directory Page

Thank you for reading this. Questions are welcome!

January 29, 2017



I'll try to say that when I master tones in Canto XD


If you need help i can help you. I speak cantonese ;)


Thanks for making this!

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