"Aveți vreo pară?"

Translation:Do you have any pears?

January 29, 2017

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Have you any pears? is also ok in England. When i offered DL this it wanted to insist on the addition of "got".


My sympathy; I've more or less given up trying to persuade Duo to accept "Have you".


"Have you got any pears?" now accepted (04/2020). Reporting works sometimes.


Have you got - yes but Have you- still not accepted and in UK we would commonly omit the got.


In U.S. English, "Have you got any pears" would be a common way to ask this, and is also more casual. "Do you have any pears?" would be preferred in many written contexts.


Any idea as to why pear is singular instead of plural? Shouldn't it be 'pere' instead of 'pară'?


As the others have noted, English uses plural, but Romanian has both cases. If you refer to "at least one" you use singular "vreo pară / vreun măr”. If you refer to ”some” you use plural ”ceva pere/ ceva mere”


I thought perhaps "niste" meant "some"; that use of "ceva" as "some" is new to this neophyte. Where does "niste" enter the picture (Oh, the "s" does have that diacritic/mark.)


Correct. "Niște pere” can also be used, but "ceva" puts the stress on "few". See here : https://dexonline.ro/definitie/ceva


crbratu - Thanks. That link is pretty enlightening.


Does that mean that if pere were used it would be incorrect?


It is correct if you use "ceva" or "niște ". It is incorect if you use "vreo" .


I think the purpose of this exercise is to teach you the word "vreo", which only goes with "pară", never with "pere". The "o" from vreo means 1, just like"un" in "vreun măr".
If you want to use the word "pere"(but not with the exact same meaning) you can just say "aveti pere?" There are also some words that go with "pere": "niște", "ceva", "niscaiva" etc.


Have you any pears should be accepted


It's funny. I always teach my EFL students to use "Do you have any?" or *"Have you got any?", and then I, older generation Brit, automatically write "Have you any?". Reported.


why is any pear not an option?


It's not English. "any" takes a plural noun, so unless you're referring to pear as a foodstuff (which I doubt) it doesn't work.


It is accepted now.


it shouldn't be accepted; "do you have any pear" is wrong in most contexts - eg shopping for fruit; it is possibly acceptable in the context of asking to be served from an array of dishes for a fruit salad - "do you have any apple, and I'll have some pear as well" - but it still sounds odd.


I'm wondering if there's something wrong in the following dialog:

  • While I'm in the kitchen, do you want me to bring you some fruit?

  • Yes, thanks. Do you have any pear?


I think it's a little unnatural for the same reasons David gave.


Just sounds wrong to this Englishman, "any beef" but not "any pear" (it would require that the pears have lost their individuality... You could say "have you got a pear" if that is what you mean.

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