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Duolingo (create) Certificate for Students?

My students complete Duolingo for assignments, but also compete to see who can get the most points each term. I would love to be able to print out a Duolingo certificate (something similar to the Duolingo Certified Educator certificate) for students exceeding expectations. It would be a wonderful thing for such students to add to their educational resume and take to the next level. Would Duolingo consider creating a simple certificate that certified educators could print and present to students? It would a great incentive for motivated students!

January 29, 2017



The closest you can get at the moment is to get your students to do the Progress Quiz, and then screenshot or print the results. They could also print their profile pages, which would include their level, their XP, etc.


I offer to buy them a t-shirt for getting a 4 on the progress quiz (but they have to make an appointment with me to do it. I have caught some using google translate to do assignments. I'm like.. "You can't get it wrong, just mouse over the word. Mouse over it as many times as you need to and eventually, you will find it quicker and easier to just not do it because you know it by now and start to trust yourself that you know it." I could see them using translate on the progress quiz to get the t-shirt faster though.


I didn't think of screenshot; that's a great idea. Thanks so much!


Like hughcparker implied, Duolingo does not offer this, but I made one if you want to use it:

You can find it on imgur here: http://imgur.com/sAErSgu


This is great! Thanks so much for sharing!


No problem! I haven't actually tried printing it out, though, so if the yellow doesn't show up, just let me know and I can change it.


I'm thinking along the lines of standard tests, that can be supervised in the classroom or computer lab. Something similar to NSE national spanish exam, with 5 levels starting 8th graders. This can help organize honor classes for TAG students with ability to work independently, semi-presential. This feature can improve the class experience of many highly-qualified students, give more time to teachers to work with other students.


I made an excel spreadsheet last year which details their XP and the number of unites completed and then mailmerged it. I'll try and find the template!


Nice! Thanks so much!!

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