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Cantonese Exercise 5: ✍ Adjectives ✍

Knowledge testing time...

Using the resource in this lesson or otherwise (ie. Google :), translate each of the following words or phrases:

  • cheap

  • the green bag

  • tall

  • Cantonese is fascinating

  • adorable

  • I am ..... (please enter an adjective to describe yourself)

However, please don't just copy and paste Cantonese characters off other websites. Remembering the adjectives is the key thing!

Solutions will be available in the next 12 hours

January 29, 2017



Cheap: 平
Green bag: 綠袋
Tall: 高
Cantonese is fascinating: 廣東話是好
Adorable: 可愛
I am ...: 我是鬼佬




Well done! Love that last one btw ;D

Please see Cassy's explanation tho


Written Chinese and it's spoken version (Cantonese) is a bit different. Written Chinese is how you write and how you speak in Mandarin Cantonese is a dialect widely used in Hong Kong and Guangdong province in China.

<Written Chinese version> Cheap: 便宜 Green bag: 綠色的袋子 Tall: 高 Cantonese is fascinating: 廣東話很迷人 Adorable: 可愛 I am ...: (this one is a little bit tricky) 我是... (add any nouns, e.g. I am a teapot = 我是一個茶壺) 我很... (add any adjectives, e.g. I am busy = 我很忙)

<Spoken Cantonese version> Cheap: 平 (if you use the word to describe a person, it means 賤) Green bag: 綠色嘅袋 Tall: 高 Cantonese is fascinating: 廣東話好迷人 Adorable: 可愛 I am ...: 我係... (add any nouns, e.g. I am a teapot = 我係一個茶壺) 我好... (add any adjectives, e.g. I am busy = 我好忙)


Go to the top of the class :)

I take it you're native at the language?


Yes :) Nice to meet you~

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