"Noi luăm masa."

Translation:We eat the meal.

January 29, 2017

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    Because noi luăm masa means to eat meal, but noi măncâm masa means to eat a table. It's kinda like a phrase.


    It accepted "We take the table" too - and now I am confused because "We eat the meal" means something totally different. I know that "masă" means "table" and "meal" but ... I don't know, I am just confused. Any enlightment available? :)


    If you translate that sentence literally, then you get "We take the table".
    But there's also a fixed expression in Romanian, "a lua masa" which basically means something like "to eat" or "to have a meal". It's the context, that provides the actual meaning. Without any context here, Duolingo accepts both translations.


    ”We take the table” and ”We eat the meal” are both correct, but with completely different meanings.


    I am an American English speaker. To take a meal is said in American English as well. It is somewhat more formal, I'd say. It might be said, "Shall we take our meal in the garden?" One isn't saying that they will bring it in the garden, but that they will have (or eat) their meal in the garden. Similarly one could say, "Shall we take our tea now?" It is a more formal, somewhat less frequently used way phrasing these thoughts. Taking is also inserted into other situations. For example, taking a stroll instead of strolling; taking a swim (or having a swim) instead of swimming; taking a nap instead of napping, etc.


    Why isn't "mâncăm" correct?


    For some reason it accepted "noi bluam masa" as correct and not containing a typo. I had a difficult time trying to figure out what on earth "bluam" meant before i thought to check the comments.


    every time when there is a "dubious'sentence that Dl has "created", there is a large discussion between participants of this course and of similar courses( i also take Italian & Spanish & Latin). the sentences are far too often without any meaning and bad english/english. the problem with a computerised course that the teacher can,t explain why this sentence is used in the way it has been presented. we/the students have to take it as a fixed and given fact that Dl "is always right"!! bad english -even in american english!- probably this sentence was introduced so as to teach us that there are other ways/means of expressing things in the language we are training to learn.... it exasperates me time and time again because we don,t get a cross reference! my translation ( when i had understood what the meaning is of all these words!) would have been: we are eating the meal


    We eat the table is also correct

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