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  5. "My color is pink."

"My color is pink."

Translation:Το χρώμα μου είναι ροζ.

January 29, 2017



pink = ροζ. so "το χρομά μου είναι ροζ' should also be correct


Is there any difference between ροδινο and ροζ or are they completely inter-changeable?


I was forced to choose Ρόδινο as the word for pink but that hasn't been taught at all, only ροζ


Thanks for the report! I've removed that word from the preferred/required option.


Νομιζω οτι και αυτο που εβαλα ως σωστο το " Το δικο μου χρωμα ειναι ροζ " ειναι ΕΠΙΣΗΣ σωστο οπως " Το χρωμα μου ειναι ροζ "


Why is “χρώρμα” one of the mouseover hints for the word “color”? I thought the word was only “χρώμα”, without the second “ρ”. Indeed, when I tried entering an answer that included “χρώρμα”, it was marked as a spelling error.


Why is “χρώρμα” one of the mouseover hints for the word “color”?

It's a typo. χρώμα is correct, as you say.

I've removed that hint and added a correctly-spelled one.

I'm not sure how quickly the change will be visible on the live site.


Thanks for the swift action!

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