"Mary has a refrigerator and a table."

Translation:Maria are un frigider și o masă.

January 29, 2017

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why are there two separate words for "a"? I can understand in some other languages male and female articles are used, is that the case here? Does un go with one type of word and o with another or are they interchangeable? Is it just that "un" means "one" and "o" means "a"? Thanks :)


Un is masculine and o is feminine


I don't understand why "o" is feminine and "un" is masculine. A table is not feminine nor masculine. If it is, surely there would be differences. For example, a little girl's tea set table could be "o masa". Can a table made of bones from a Viking's enemy's bodies be "un masa"? Why not?


Also, how does one predict what inanimate objects will be "un" or "o". A hat? A pineapple? A pair of shoes? A football? A toothbrush?


So for english speaker it may be more difficult to understand o and un... in german its similar to romanian: as example: a man - ein Mann a woman - eine Frau

un (masculin) bărbat - a (one) man (masculin) o (feminin) femeie - a (one) woman


as example the table is in german masculin. Der Tisch. In romanian it is feminin o masă

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