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Game of Tiers

So, instead of burdening DL by nagging them to supply the stats I asked for in "Tiers of Immersion" (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2030335) (thanks for the upvotes there, too), I was wondering what kinds of articles people like to read/translate/proof in Immersion.

If we post enough data, we might get a good idea of those stats ourselves.

I am a recent Tier 2, and I read a lot of subjects in Immersion, but I really enjoy history and science, lately Astronomy. And I would love to get my news fix from translating news. But that's not as easy to find as I had imagined.

Please add only your own information, unless you are posting aggregate data (for example, if a Duolingo staff person told us the total current numbers in each Tier, etc.).

(Sidebar: I do understand why the Creative Commons requirement exists in articles, but I think fair use for students of languages (like us) should at least give us the same right as any user of Google translate -- they can translate any content at all on the web. Our use should be even more fair, since it is educational. But I suspect the main reason might be to please investors -- fair use might cut into the content that providers would pay to have translated.)

March 2, 2014

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I get the pun, but that was a horrific historical event... So, I feel a bit uncomfortable participating as I'd like to.


Title amended :) Plus a lingot to make up for discomfort. ;)


That's a perfect title! xD (Thank you and also thanks for the lingot!! But, here are 5 for being awesome! hehe

PS I'll engage the topic after I have a brain. I need more sleep.


Glad you like it. :)


I'm tier 6 in Spanish, tier 5 in Portuguese. I've been at both of those levels for a long time; I rarely get upvotes from people at or above those levels, even though I translate a lot, so I've pretty much stopped caring about tier progress.

My main interest in immersion is sports articles, particularly soccer. I also dabble in some of the technology and literature articles. I have zero interest in the news/politics articles, which is the main category in Portuguese (in terms of number of articles).


I had no idea tier 6 even existed! Well done. Hopefully you'll get a slew of articles when the World Cup commences. Obrigado!


Tier 25 exists, apparently. But... sometimes dubious circumstances have gone into the making of them.


Whoa and whoa again...


I want to translate fanfiction!! xD (It won't happen unless other people upload fanfiction that they themselves have written, though. And...I can't upload mine because I like to keep my worlds separate.) :P

I think I would enjoy translating history :D I also enjoy translating articles for anime that at least somewhat familiar with. It gives some added context when I'm trying to figure out which word to use here and there.

I've been a Tier 3 since I can remember noticing the Tiers. I've only received 5 down votes, but only 94 up votes, so, I haven't moved up at all. But, the amount of attention and personal investment into my Tier level has really dropped. It's more of a curiosity now. The experience of translating itself and the grammar feedback etc via comments and Discuss area are why I use Immersion. (Though, if more people used the document discuss feature it would be a little more interesting ;)

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