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Wrong answer and no possibility for feedback

I was supposed to mark all correct translations here:

The professor eats with the chairman.

  1. Der Herausgeber isst mit dem Autor.
  2. Der Professor isst mit dem Vorsitzenden.
  3. Die Professorin isst mit der Vorsitzende.

The test says numbers 2 and 3 are correct.

  1. is not correct. Correct translations could be: Die Professorin isst mit der Vorsitzenden. Die Professorin isst mit dem Vorsitzenden.
June 20, 2012



Only number 2 is correct. I guess 3. supposed to mean female chairman then it would be correct like this "Die Professorin isst mit der Vorsitzenden", so the ending is wrong bei "Vorsitzende".


Why no possibility for feedback? You can always use the feedback button at the left side of the screen. I guess they forward your feedback to the language expert if it's not about the functionality of the site. I've sent several language feedbacks there.


@ kcin Thanks, now I see.


St4rdust is right. If it was a female chairman, the 3. answer had to be "Die Professorin isst mit der Vorsitzenden"

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