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Pronunciation questions amongst other things.

I'm currently making a character for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign and I wanted to inject a little of what I am learning here into it. My character comes from a city that before adopting Common (English) they spoke in The Old Tongue (Esperanto). Now, The Old Tongue is mostly used ceremonially and through some surviving exclamations and phrases. The city motto of sorts is "Our frost will never thaw" Or as they say it, "Nia prujno neniam degeligos" to which others would simply respond with "neniam."

tl;dr Here are the actual questions: Since J is always pronounced as a Y, how would I go about pronouncing Prujno? Since there is no vowel after the J, do I sort of add a vowel, and therefore a syllable when speaking it? Like "proo-ya-no"? Or is there another, more correct way of doing it?

Also, the second question, does "Nia prujno neniam degeligos" mean what I intend it to? I'm pretty sure, but not positive.

January 29, 2017



For pronouncing the cluster uj, just think of the oy in "boy", but swap out the o for a sound like the oo in moon; so something like "prooy-no". Another way to look at it is take the sound "oo-yee" and drop the "ee" sound off the end.

As for the meaning of the sentence, I'm far from fluent, but it looks right as far as I can tell.

Edit: As 2_K_ says below, it should be "degelos" and not "degeligos".

January 30, 2017


That helps a lot, thank you!

January 30, 2017


Glad I could help. :)

January 30, 2017


I found this a while back when Ionasky shared a link to an Esperanto language d20 RPG system that is based on Pathfinder (3.5 Dungeons and Dragons ruleset)


There is also a vortaro that has translations for classes, spells, talents, etc. in Esperanto/ English/ Deutsche

January 31, 2017


You want to use "degelos" there. with the -ig suffix it means "to make somethig to thaw", it's a transitive verb and needs an object., as in: "Mi degeligos la kokon" - "I will defrost the chicken".

January 31, 2017


@Kliphph Oh this is really cool! I might have to work some of this in there also. Though I probably shouldn't overdo it as no one else in my group speaks Esperanto. :P

@2_K_ Awesome, thanks for the correction!

February 2, 2017


I would say “pronounced like Í in Faroese” but that would probably be of no help, it’s like “ooy”.

February 7, 2017
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