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  5. "A pair of dark blue trousers"

"A pair of dark blue trousers"

Translation:Một cái quần màu xanh da trời đậm

January 30, 2017



Would it be ok to use the đôi classifier (for a 'pair'), or perhaps is it more that vietnamese don't refer to trousers that way?

Oh wait, I just asked my wife and she said it was for the latter reason. She said another example of this in english was "a pair of glasses", and again, in vietnamese, you wouldn't say 'pair' for glasses either.


Màu xanh da tròi (sorry no accent) to me means sky blue. How can you have dark sky blue?


My guess is that "màu xanh" can mean either green or blue. If you said "màu xanh đậm", I could ask "màu xanh nào?". Which dark "xanh" are you referring to, green or blue? Then you would have to make the distinction with green "xanh" or blue "xanh". Yeah, in English, sky blue is a type of light blue so "dark sky blue" sounds totally weird. However, in Vietnamese, it's "màu xanh lá cây" for "green (like the leaf)" and "màu xanh da trời" for "blue (like the sky)". In short, this sentence is just referring to the colour "dark blue" and not green.


Thanks, with the name Nguyen I trust You!


When I think of dark blue, I think of blue like the ocean, which I know is a thing in Vietnamese. It's also okay to just say dark sky blue though?


Sky blue is a kind of light blue. If someone were to say dark sky blue, then they're being really, really specific on which shade of blue they're talking about. Still sounds a little weird though!


The English wording "sky blue" may be confusing you with the color definition "sky blue" (as defined by companies like Crayola). The Vietnamese sentence literally says "color green skin [like the] sky". Xanh is a color covering both blue and green so you have to describe the color. Is it "like the sky" (blue) or "like tree leaves" (green). Đậm means dark so the color is dark blue.


Xanh biển was refused.


"xanh da trời" does not mean "sky blue", it means just "blue", as to distinguish from "green". You can use duck duck go images (or google images) to see that it really cover several shades of blue.

There is also "xanh dương", "ocean blue" to mean "navy blue".


So I tried this on a VN person and they didn't bat an eyelid until I pointed out it's weird to say dark sky blue, so I wouldn't worry about it. They also gave me a couple of other shades that could be used: xanh nước biển = xanh dương = sea blue, xanh tím than = dark blue colour, maybe with a little purple


yes, like a cà tím (eggplant)


Quan tay = trousers/pants ?


Quần tây = suit pants [lit., western pants] Quần kaki = khaki pants Quần jean = Jeans


If they want us to translate "a PAIR of trousers" why isn't "đôi" required?


It's because the Vietnamese don't see trousers or pants as a pair. In English, it's a pair. I hope that helps!


Một cái quần màu xanh biển đậm

Would this be acceptable in real life? I always used xanh biển and xanh lá for blue and green, not sure why would use anything longer..


I used một bộ quần and it was counted incorrect. In a later lesson, we learn that bộ is a classifier for clothes. Would it be correct to use in this sentence?


the hints say CAP, not cai, for the hint. Needs to get changed. I missed it twice in a row, because I was looking at hint for "pair" and that's what it gave me, but really there IS no "pair" in this sentence, which is misleading, and it's just a misspelling of the classifier "cai."

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