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Cantonese Short Lesson 6: ✍ Adverbs! ✍

Welcome to the sixth lesson of Cantonese! This is a rather longer lesson, so the Exercise will be postponed.

Today, we are going to learn about Adverbs. Very typical that it should come after Adjectives :)

There are three main categories of adverbs: time-related, manner-related and speed-related. For example: often, angrily, slowly respectively.

I know these are a lot of remember, but these are also very common in everyday usage.

Note: As remarked by some people, each pronunciation is the written one. I have said before that this is a course of 'formal' Cantonese.


often = 經常 (ging1 soeng4)

never = 從來沒有 (cung4 loi4 mut6 jau5)

sometimes/occasionally = 有時 (jau5 si4)

constantly = 不斷 (bat1 dyun6)

always = 總是 (zung2 si6)

rarely/seldom = 很少 (han2 siu2)

now = 現在 (jin6 zoi6)


calmly = 冷靜地 (laang5 zing6 dei6)

gently = 輕輕地 (hing1 hing1 dei6)

angrily = 憤怒地 (fan5 nou6 dei6)

noisily (speech) = 大聲地 (speech) (daai6 seng1 dei6)

happily/joyfully = 快樂地 (faai3 lok6 dei6)

sadly/unhappily = 傷心地 (soeng1 sam1 dei6)

Notice how they all end in (dei6)


slowly = 慢慢地 (maan6 maan6 dei6)

quickly = 很快 (han2 faai3)

briskly = 輕快地 (hing1 faai3 dei6)

steadily = 穩步地 (wan2 bou6 dei6)

immediately = 立即 (lap6 zik1)

Thank you for reading this. As always, questions are welcome!

Further resources:

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January 30, 2017



Wonderful here are some LIngots in gratitude


as someone going to hong kong soon, I really appreciate these lessons


cool! Have fun! you need to taste the fishball there and the pineapple bread( the bread looks like pineapple ;) )


Eeh are this pinyin ? Sorry my bad :)

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