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None of these

One of the most annoying things about translating web sentences is, after spending a lot of time working out a good English equivalent of the German sentence, you have to choose from three examples by other people that often are not very good. If you don't choose one, your translation is not accepted for consideration. Might it not be possible to reject all three, but still have yours submitted?

February 20, 2013



Thanks for this comment! We're actually working on a new way of doing translations that won't suffer from this problem.


And the odd thing is that if you pick and edit, your own sentence is edited.


I agree as well! I find I am frequently given three sentences to choose from that are ALL wrong. I usually end up editing one until it is right, but on longer passages that is a bit tiresome.


I agree - even if you don't choose one of three examples, you should at least get some credit.

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