Immersion: Pointer weirdness long noted, finally written about

I've noticed some weirdness with the "sentence selector" and "pointable translation peeker" tool - I think it's always been there, but finally, today, I will spend a few minutes to write about it.

Where I am: Immersion > select an article > looking at the Translate tab version of the article.

At this point I use the mouse to select a sentence to translate. Here's the weirdness: if the sentence is on the same level of the screen as the Duolingo Support tab on the left hand side of the page, it "mostly" will never become highlighted so that I can select it. [Edit: if I try to select on the left-hand side of the sentence, near the Support tab]. I say "mostly" because, once in a while it will highlight. Like I just started an article that had several headers. I stopped my mouse on each header. All highlighted properly except the one lined up with the Support tab. Five times it would not highlight, the 6th time it did.

Now, if I scroll the article up or down, I won't have any problem highlighting that sentence or header. Now the sentence that I have trouble highlighting will be the one newly lined up with the support tab.

Similarly, if, once I have a sentence highlighted, I want to "peek" at a word to check its translation, the "peek" tool doesn't work on words near the Support tab. I have to scroll the article up or down, then peeking works fine.

I am reporting this HERE rather than at Support, because I use both an old PC and an old Windows version to access Duolingo. Perhaps I am the only one with this problem. It's nothing major, as you can see, I've lived with it for months. I just wondered if anyone else noticed this, and if so, we can bring it to Support's attention. --- Thanks, Ricaloca

March 2, 2014


Hi! In order to try and replicate this can you let me know what browser you're using?

March 2, 2014

Hi Kristine! I'm using Firefox 27.0.1. It also happened before on Firefox 26.
The best way I can describe it is that it is as though the Support tab has a forcefield around it that prohibits the pointer-position-sensor+time-lapsed-sensor from working properly within about a 1.5 inch radius of the Support tab on my screen.

Another thing to note is that the Support tab itself does not become highlighted unless my mouse pointer is right over it, so that bit seems to be working OK.

Also - I don't remember bolding my last paragraph in the original posting - did someone else do that? OK if so, no problem at all, but otherwise my editor is going wacko.

PLEASE do not bother working a lot on this if it doesn't affect anybody else! That's why I posted on Troubleshooting. --- Thanks, Ricaloca

March 3, 2014

oh, wierd, it did it again. Perhaps it has something to do with me signing the bottom of the post, which signature has now disappeared. Ricaloca

Edit: OK, yeah, pretty sure it had something to do with me signing post with two dashes and then my username. Must be something in the formatting language which I am not familiar with. Sorry.

March 3, 2014
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