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  5. "My clothes"

"My clothes"

Translation:Mi ropa

February 20, 2013



I did not understand!! :-? what is the difference between "mi ropa" and "mis ropas" ? why is this sentence both singular and plural?


Mi ropa is more of a... my clothing. You would never say mis ropas. It would be something a little like my clotheses.


but i answer "mis ropas" and it was correct!


It's probably an error, although I am not a native Spanish speaker and there might be something I don't know.

Although I do talk to native speakers weekly and I have never seen mis ropas whereas I have seen mi ropa.


Oh, ok.

Btw i saw you have finish the spanish course, i wish to know if finish the course is it quite enough for read spanish articles and have conversation? or need to further study more vocab from other site? xD


Once you've finished the Spanish skill tree, I think you achieve a satisfying level of fluency. However, the last lessons are poorly done; you will definitely need to look for more resources for things like the subjunctive, imperative and other things like should, would and could.

As for having conversations? I talk to people all the time, it feels extremely natural. Quite an amazing and liberating feeling.

As for reading Spanish articles? That's not too difficult either. Even if you don't know a word, a lot of the time you can use context clues to help.


may be you got the environment which peoples talk spanish, but here not, may be less talk, so when i want produce a sentence i need few seconds to think which noun use. which conjugation is accurate. how the words order to be arrange etc. so i dont think i can speak fluent because each sentence need think before talk. guess may be you are talent on this language thats why is easy for you. hehe.

but i realy excite about the result when finish the course of spanish. duno what level of my spanish that times. thats why i ask u guys which have finish the course.

and the last lessons are poorly done is it mean the further lesson which almost reach the ending is very hard? hope i can overcome that level.


I'm glad you're looking forward to finishing the tree. A lot of people can't be bothered to learn languages.

The problem with the last handful of lessons [about the last five grammar ones or so] is that they cover the most important parts of the grammar. The parts that help you gain flexibility in your speech. The Spanish subjunctive is hugely used in everyday speech, but in English it barely exists, so, naturally, it is harder to learn. You would expect a full nine lesson bunch for this, but you only get two lessons.

It's not difficult. You just get through without learning anything, so you're literally forced to use another method.

Which puts me down in the dumps because I love Duolingo :D


in future i also not sure able to go further end a not. because i still at early stages. not yet reach the hardest one. btw i realy like this learning system. if not i wont have motive to study spanish from other normal website. unless the language i quite interest like japanese, will go memorise hiragana, simple words those. but too bad currently incubator only got english lesson for japanese speaker in progress. hehehe


Hi Now as you have completed the course how you feel looking back.. and how fluently you are able to speak Spanish after completing course ?

it is just i m going through same where you were 2 years ago so just curious to know about the future :) Thanks for understanding !


I am also like you wanting to learn spanish but uncertain about the percentage I'll pick up from here but I still love duolingo...


Mis ropas is not used. It sounds kinda weird. I am native speaker.


Same problem here. What will be the singular for Ropa then? as everywhere they are saying that ropa means The clothes


Ropa is already singular. It's like the word hair - you have an uncountable number of hairs on your head, but you just say 'my hair' like it's singular. Ropa is the same. Think of it as 'my clothing'.


I chat regular with Spanish ( not from spin but Latin. Am) And they say ropa does never bering used with plural s.


when do you use the word "ropas" then? it was an option.


It is strange to pluralize "ropas," though it can technically mean multiple sets of clothing, kind of like how you can say "people" or "peoples" in English to refer to people as a whole or different cultures of people. I suppose "mis ropas" would be like saying "my sets of clothing" (as in work clothes, lounge clothes, etc.). It technically works, but it's still a strange choice of words.


because "mis ropas" doesn't exist. It would be totally inaccurate. that would be like saying my clothings


"La ropa" is actually a plural and singular at the same time, just depends on the subjects


Mis vestidos ? Clothes was put as an translation to 'vestidos' ( my first word in this section)


You are correct. "Vestidos" can mean either "dresses" or "clothes."


what is the difference of mi and mia?


Ambas palabras son posesivas, podemos decir por ejemplo: Mi ropa. Esta ropa es mía. También podemos decir: Esta es mi ropa. Aquella ropa es mía.


My clothes. = Mi ropa. These Clothes are mine. = Esta ropa es mía. These are my clothes. = Éstas son mis ropas. This is my clothes. = Esta es mi ropa.


Except "Éstas son mis ropas" is not correct because ropa is never used in a plural form. Ropas is not a word. The program says it is, but it's not.


"Ropa" is a collective noun, so it is most often used in singular form; however, I wouldn't say "ropas" is never used. It would refer to multiple sets of clothing, as in "las ropas del mundo," meaning the different styles of clothing worn around the world, similar how you would say "the peoples of the world" in English to refer to different types (cultures) of people in the world.


If "clothes" is plural, it should be "ropas" right ? That's why I wrote Mis ropa, instead of mi ropa.


Nope :) "ropa" is always singular, and means clothes There a few Spanish words like this


Not so sure... it accepted "mis ropas" from me.


yes, because it's all plural. "mis ropa" is wrong.


It's a bug.

I live with a spouse that's just shy of native fluency in Sp. and she insists that ropas is not a word, that ropa is only used in its singular form.


It's a collective noun, which is singular because it refers to a single set. In English, you would generally refer to the collection of hair on your head simply as "my hair." You could say "my hairs," and it would technically be correct, but it is still strange word usage.


should be either "mi ropa", singular, or "mis ropas", plural. "mis ropa" is half and half, and therefore wrong.


ropa is both singular and plural and no vestidos would not work


So "mis ropas" is not correct?


Sí, it's wrong.


Clothes is plural and the translation of "la ropa" is "the clothes". There should be a clarification that "ropa" was singular!!!!!


I dont understand it says "pay attention to the gender" but there is no gender ??


Gender: feminine. All words ending in ‘a’ are feminine.
Toda palabra terminada en “a” es femenino (a). La ropa, esta, esa, aquella ropa. Tu ropa (posesivo, segunda persona del singular)


I'm not sure about that - mapa is masculine!


It is interesting to note that the word 'feminine' is masculine.


You mean feminino? That changes with the gender too :p Un coche feminino, una manzana feminina.


All words ending in 'a' are feminine.

Objective, many words do not follow this rule.


What is it mi ropa instead of mia ropa? When should mia be used?


Mi or Mis (in case of plural) are possessive pronounsand mean 'my'... Mia (or mio in case of a masculine noun) means mine.

'Mi padre' means 'my father', whereas you can answer the question 'Whose father is that?' with 'Mio' or 'mine' in English.

There is usage of mio and mia after the noun, 'madre mia', but I don't think that's a common thing in Spanish, and it emphasises the person/entity possessing the noun.


Why isnt it "mia ropa" if its feminine?


Mia means MINE, mine clothes is not correct. Mi is always used to indicate possession, be it masculine or feminine nouns. Mi ropa / Mi padre / Mi coche / Mi falda


Hm, why is "la ropa" incorrect? I thought Spanish used "el"/"la" in cases like this where we'd say "my" in english.


"la" and "el" are the Spanish equivalent of the English "the". If you wanted to say "my", you would use Spanish "mi" -- so "mi ropa".


It says "My Clothes" so wouldn't it be "ropas" instead of "ropa" which is singular?


Its similar to how "people" works in English, which I call a plural singular. The word ropa already refers to clothes, so if you made that plural you would be referring to multiple groups of clothes -- similar to how if you were talking about different cultural groups of the world, you could say "the peoples of the earth" but its rare that you get to say the plural of people since it already refers to multiple people.


Perhaps both are correct because one indicates an article of clothing and the other indicates several articles of clothing together?


Why did it say that i got it right when it says "Mi prendas"??


what is the difference between 'ropa' and 'prendas' ?


why would it not be "mia ropa"?


mia = mine la ropa es mia = the clothes are mine


If you hover over the word clothes, it says ropa and ropas instead of just ropa. I put in ropas and it was counted as wrong! Shouldn't ropas not be underneath ropa if it's wrong?


it says my clothes, with an s, so it is plural, so why isn't mis ropas, it said it was mi ropa


why do they say to use "prendas"?


it's mi ropa why is it saying it's "mis prendas"

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