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  5. "Six teachers"

"Six teachers"

Translation:Chwe athro

January 30, 2017



Would "Chwe athrawes" work as well? (I typed "Chwech athrawes" and was marked as having been wrong... ^.^;;)


why is it CHWE athro?? i thought 6 was cwech!!


This is explained inthe course notes for the section on 'Numbers'. The numbers pump, chwech and cant each lose their last letter when they are used in front of nouns, adjectives and other numbers.

As rmcode says, it is a bit of an oddity that is sometimes ignored in the wild, especially before vowels.


I have finished all categories above me why are the next lessons all blocked


If you ask in the Duolingo support forums somebody there may well have an answer - https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204762054-Troubleshooting

The course teams do not have any access to the inner workings of the system, I am afraid.

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