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"The man wears pants, not a skirt!"

Translation:Bărbatul poartă pantaloni, nu o fustă!

January 30, 2017



how can #2 be corrrect? It is missing the article o


Yes, you are correct. I already reported this error.


too many times in Romanian lessons there are similar answers which should not be considered as the same. Also I get tired of sentences where they are the same using "e" and "este". I think they are meant to trap inattention. Perhaps our comments will make a difference eventually now that there is no option given for comments in the lesson.


I find it strange that poartă is the correct conjugation of to wear when the subject is Bărbatul. It seems like a feminine ending. There was no other verb option so clearly it is correct. Strange to me.


the verb ending is not according to gender, so he/she/they/it all get the same one

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