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  5. "I am a refrigerator."

"I am a refrigerator."

Translation:Tôi là một cái tủ lạnh.

January 31, 2017



We should start a kind of competition. Who can use the most of these sentences in real life.


When you are removing heat from a hot potato by virtue of the laws of thermodynamics, you are technically refrigerating the potato. I guess that's when you could yell out this sentence!


So you are an engineer too?


You buy an expensive fancy and overcomplicated refrigerator. When you plug in, a childish robotic voice comes from within: "Hello sir. I am a refrigerator. Please take a seat while I explain all my awesome features".

Or you visit a kitchen expo and you find a furniture that looks like a bookshelve, but it is a refrigerator with space to put books. A sign says "I am a refrigerator" to surprise and amuse you.


good point as I tend to remember the funny sentences too


Same question if you use một why do you need cái? We either use a or the but not both.


Hmm, then I guess the most appropriate translation would be "I am one refrigerator". It depends on context as always, but "một cái" does imply "one".

  • "Một cái" = "one (thing/item)"
  • "Hai cái" = "two (things/items)"
  • "Ba cái" = "three (things/items)"

Anyway, for this sentence, you don't really need "cái". I hope this helps?

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