"The insects"

Translation:Gli insetti

February 20, 2013

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And here we use "Gli" because of the first vowel in "Insetti" correct?


look further up in comment section to really understand why and when to you use "gli" and not "i" or "le". It is explained to the point.


when is it "i insetti" (if that's possible?) or "gli insetti"?


No, that's not possible; nouns taking "lo" in the singular (l'insetto = lo+insetto) usually take "gli" in the plural, while "i" is usually the plural for "il".


Ooooh, now I understand, when is "il" and whene is "gli"! :D Grazie mille! :3


Makes perfect sense! Thank you for putting it as simply as you did. I actually never thought of it but it makes perfect sense. L'uomini(lo uomini) = Gli uomini! Perfect :-) This made all the sense understanding when to use Gli!

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    I don't understand.

    Gli is plural for the I is plural for the

    but in what case would you choose? both are masculine..


    When the first letter of the noun is a vowel, then you use gli. That's why you have l'uomo (singular: man) and gli uomini (plural: men).

    But when the first letter of the noun is a consonant, you use the i in front. So il gatto (the cat) is i gatti (the cats). Hopefully this helps! I am on my second day of learning Italian.


    To amend that a touch, the plural masculine article is also "gli" if the word begins with the letter "z" or an "s" followed by another consonant (sp, st, sg, ecc...). Just to confuse you a little more ;-)


    Insetto insetta insetti insette Is it correct?


    Why isn't it l'insetti?


    Because "l'" is used before singular words. Since insetti is plural, you need to use "gli" which is plural. (????)


    But I thought that Gli drops the i and takes an apostrophe only before masculine plural nouns beginning with an i. So should be gl'insetti?


    It would seem that that style is old-fashioned and the modern practice is to write "gli" in full.

    The use of gl' before i- ... is archaic. Gli ... is now generally used. A Reference Grammar of Modern Italian (2013, pg 62) on Google Books


    this makes a whole lot more sense! Grazie!!! :]


    Why are there different "the"s and how do you know whats the right one?

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