Translation:the cloves of garlic

January 31, 2017



Usturoi nu are form[ pentru plural, este o eroare frecventă - https://dexonline.ro/definitie/usturoi


For garlic cloves is căţei de usturoi(căţei litterally means puppies


"Usturoi" (garlic), has no plural form, if is a common mistake.

Usturoi (sg form) Usturoi (pl form)


I mean, I wouldn't think pluralizing or singularizing "garlic" is right or wrong. If someone said to "bring the garlic", I would bring all of the garlic (within reason). It would be like if someone said "bring the beer!" Of course I'm going to bring more than one can of beer! Haha


How about "the garlic cloves?"


The garlic cloves = cățeii de usturoi. (Which is literally meaning "the puppies of garlic");

Garlic cloves = căței de usturoi (literallt, puppies of garlic);

The garlic clove = cățelul de usturoi (literally, the puppy of garlic)

Garlic clove = cățel de usturoi (literally, puppy of garlic).

Cățel = puppy Cățelul = the puppy Căței = puppies Cățeii = the puppies

Romanian just like french, has quite a complex grammar system.


The garlic should be accepted as this is one of the dictionary hints

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