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"По-моему, сейчас столица не в Петербурге."

Translation:I don't think Saint Petersburg is the capital now.

January 31, 2017



In my opinion/I think that right now the capital isn't St Petersburg


По-моему сейчас станцующей не петербурно


"In my opinion, the capital now is not St. Petersburg" was marked wrong because I wrote "in my opinion" rather than "I think." The DL Russian word list defines по-моему as "in my opinion." That's also what I come across in my dictionary and when I google the phrase.

Am I missing something? Are there situations when по-моему means a random thought that no one actually believes (therefore NOT an opinion), and another where it means a thought someone actually believes (an opinion)? I am getting so many questions wrong because of what seem in many instances to be contrived nuances. Anyone care to explain this one?


The situation is evidently worse than I imagined. "I think St. Petersburg is not the capital now" was just marked wrong. This is like throwing darts. Unless you use the phrase, "I don't think," you will get this question wrong. That's just the way it is. Absurd.


"По-моему" means "according to me" or "this is what I think". "In my opinion" won't be accepted here because this isn't a matter of opinion, as SunBern said. "I think St. Petersburg is not the capital now" is now accepted.

Some correct variants on sentences like this may not be accepted at first simply because of the enormity of the task of trying to add all possible combinations - on this sentence alone, there are currently no less than 411 accepted answers.


"I think Petersburg is not the capital now" is not accepted. 17. of January 2021


So, then, would an acceptable translation of по-моему be "as far as i know"?


I agree that it's difficult to know that you have to use "I don't think". It should be in the tips or translations with "I think" should be added.

But I don't think you can use "in my opinion" anyway in this situation, since it's a fact whether or not St. Petersburg is the capital, thus not a matter of opinion.


I wrote the same, and it's being rejected... I am also wondering why.


I wrote "i think the capital is not in Petersburg now" but it was refused. Is the "в" just an idiom?


I wondered also about "в". 'But I saw in my dictionary that the 3rd meaning of "стол" is office or department, and the fourth meaning throne. So I presume that's what is "in" St. Petersburg.


This is such a clumsy sentence


I don't think Petersburg is the capital now ..seems like a good answer


"По-моему, сейчас столица не Петербург" would be just as good a sentence, wouldn't it?


Я не думаю что Санкт Петербург это столица сейчас! That is right translate, I am from Russia and i know! Fix it




I wrote "i don't think petersburg is the capital now" but it was rejected and the answer was given including "St." underlined. I know that other places the St. is optional and that Russians use "Петербуг" without "Санк". I also entered "i don't think that St. petersberg is the capital now" and was given the correct answer with "Saint" spelled out.


I got knocked for not using St.


I don't think that St. Petersburg has ever been the capital. In that sense the sentence is absurd. I also presumed that the question was about which city is the capital, not in which city the capital is. Thus the в that I omitted.


Not true. St. Petersburg was founded as the new capital by Peter the Great in 1703. After the Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks moved it back to Moscow.


:) Did you consider looking this up? Soobee620 is correct.


I also left off the в and got it wrong.


По-моему, здесь совершенно иной смысл на русском: Я не думаю, что Петербург сейчас столица. Могло бы быть так: I think/ in my opinion, the capital is not in Saint Petersburg now / Saint Petersburg is not the capital now.


I think that "i dont think the capital is now St Petersburg" also works well, but it was marked as wrong.

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