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In some areas for duolingo, it says for learning English. I want to help a Spanish-speaking friend learn English, but I don't see any way to access this. Is this not offered? Is there plans to make learning English available?

March 17, 2012



There's an option at the bottom left of the Duolingo home page to choose whether your language is "English" or "Espagnol". I'm not sure but I think if you choose Spanish as your language you will get to choose English as an option for learning.


kindly include pakistani language and pakistani laugauge is urdu .if a person is pakistani and he learn english so what he do .Duolingo not include the asian languages like pakistan . i know duolingo doing a good job but only for europen countries.I think for asain country there is no benefit in this software


It seems learning English is available (for Spanish speakers only). This is only available when the interface language is changed to Spanish before creating an account. It is on the lower-left on the screen, as csi said. It's the logon screen that gives this option. The text on this page is as follows: "With Duolingo you learn a language for free, and simultaneously translate the Web. Our private beta has started! Due to high demand, we are gradually inviting new users. If you haven’t done so, enter your email address to get early access." Or when you change the language to Spanish it says "Con Duolingo aprendes otros idiomas 100% gratis y traduces el Internet simultáneamente. ¡Iniciamos nuestra etapa final de prueba! Debido a la alta demanda, estamos invitando a nuevos usuarios gradualmente. Si aún no lo has hecho, ingresa tu correo para agregarte a nuestra lista de espera...... Ingresa tu correo, Quiero aprender (inglés), Agregar". So I put in an email address after I changed the language to Spanish, and I am waiting to get a new invitation to join. And then I'll see how it works for a Spanish speaker learning English. Hopefully it does work...


I too am helping a Spanish speaking friend with English. Although not ideal, I think our respective friends could sign up for learning Spanish and just work it the other way.


csi, I see the option that you are mentioning in the login screen. I selected it and I logged in using my existing account, but now that account is set for Spanish learning. So as soon as I login, all options to learn English disappear, and the user interface language immediately changes to English at login. Maybe I'll have to create a new account and try to start from scratch. Thanks for the suggestion. I will keep trying. And if I am successful in getting it to work with a Spanish interface learning English, I will let everyone know here!


Nice! It seems they're working on it. I'm looking forward to translate into my native language & learn many more languages. :)

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