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  5. "I want a sweater."

"I want a sweater."

Translation:Tôi muốn một cái áo lạnh.

January 31, 2017



Why does this have two classifiers?

I've only ever heard "Ao lanh, ao sho mi..." etc, never "cai ao"


Áo lạnh khác áo sơ mi

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Is it possible to translate "I want a sweater" as Tôi muốn áo lạnh?


Using a hat didn't require "one+classifier"! Why does the sweater do?


All I can say is that in the "I wear a hat" case it might be that one is probably only wearing one hat, so oneness is assumed, and here you could want to have multiple hats, so oneness has to be specified.

Still, "Tôi đội một cái mũ", is not wrong; just probably wordy to the Vietnamese.


Don't understand why mot cai is sometimes applied, and not at other times


Explanations, please. Tôi cở áo doesn't need a 'cái', but here you do?


so i must have missed something aways back...is mot cai used for inanimate objects and mot con for beings (including animal beings)?


That is how i understand, yes


Sweater: áo len


I agree! I thought áo lạnh refers to coat, and sweater is áo len.


Double what everyone asks?? Why 2 classifiers? Isn't ao enough?


"Một cái" signifies 1 inanimate object out of all the available inanimate objects. For example, you'd tell the seller you want "a" sweater out of the many similar sweaters that are there (you haven't zeroed in on a particular one yet); "tôi muốn một cái áo len [chứ không phải hai cái hay ba cái]." The seller might suggest to you several, then when you pick one, you can say, "cái này" (this one) instead of "một cái này" because at that point, you have already singled that sweater out.


I am not sure about this one, as it seems I can find things where this is not true. You get zapped in another exercise in this module if you don't say 'một khăn quàng' for instance.


soooooooooo lást question I put Một and it's wong, the reason being the một is implied.

Next Q is this one, một should be implied like the last question, nope, now I need it....

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