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Hello! Just a really quick usage question for imperfect verbs (eg υπήρχα, έκρυβα, ανησυχούσα, φρόντιζα etc). I haven't been able to find an answer online or in my books.

Do imperfects in Greek always refer to the past? For example, will ανησυχούσα always translate to 'was worrying'? Or are there any weird exceptions?

Likewise for the participles. Will ανησυχώντας always mean 'worrying' the present or future but never the past?

Thanks in advance for any help!

January 31, 2017


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Yes, παρατατικός/imperfect always refers to the past. It is the past continuous of Greek. Θα+παρατατικός results in would...: Θα πήγαινα...=I would go... The participles can be used with any tense: Πηγαίνω τρέχοντας στο σπίτι=I go home running, Πήγα τρέχοντας στο σπίτι=I went home running, Θα πάω τρέχοντας στο σπίτι=I will go home running, Πήγαινα σπίτι τρέχοντας=I used to go/ I was going home running.

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Thank you so much Troll, that's helped to clarify things for me.

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