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Teachers and Duolingo

So there are many mentions of Duolingo in the classroom, but as of yet we don't seem to have a list of ways in which teachers are actually using this amazing tool.

If there is, perhaps someone could direct me to it. If there isn't, how about we build one now?

Questions we could consider (but don't let this limit you):

What grades do you teach? What language do you teach? To what extent is Duolingo your focus with your students? What has worked for you/what hasn't? How do you incorporate standards into utilization of Duolingo? What strategies do you use? What resources do you provide students to help them through the lessons? Have you created resources that can be used to bolster Duolingo? Can we have them ;)? Can you compare Duolingo with other online language suites? How do you make up for the lack of creation/conversation that Duo on its own necessarily results in?

The possibilities are endless here, and I think we'll all benefit from each others' ideas.

March 3, 2014



Wow. This is an amazing and useful document. Thank you.


Wow, thanks so much. This was extremely informative and valuable information ! My assignment is to determine what state standards Duolingo addresses when a student completes the entire "tree" of Spanish, for example. Any feedback appreciated, pmagnuson, anyone? Tina Brennan aka Christina (on DL) Replies would be greatly appreciated if could be sent to: tbrennan@sierraacademy.net


Hmmm.... I'm quite familiar with state standards (in a general way) from 7 years work in a state educational agency in the US. If your state has standards that include grammar, there will be overlap. For sure the standards will have reading and writing, but I'm guessing the overlap with DL won't be great ... because DL has overwhelming amount of info out of context, and any decent standards will be emphasizing communication, so reading and writing heavy in context.

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They are working on implementing features for teachers - let me find a link….

Here is (I think) the latest comment on it - Luis said they are coming soon https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1973960


I hope parents who home school will have access to these features as well.


Super! I guess the idea here was a forum for us to throw ideas off each other.

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oh yes certainly - I just know it has been discussed a few times, so I wanted to get some more info (and I remembered the discussion title, because it was funny)


Ah yes I've read several of them several times--I suppose I just got too antsy waiting. This stuff's exciting! And thank you for the quick response.


I teach German, middle and high school, and use Duolingo as an occasional supplement as I need to reserve the iPad carts and cannot always have them available. This is all changing over the next few years. I monitor progress by tracking gold medals. I have a weekly goal and give extra credit for exceeding that goal. I expect students to do some of the work at home and also give classroom time when possible. I discovered that encouraging notes while working on it greatly reduces frustration, so am working on worksheets for next year. I am trying to make them generic enough to use for each lesson. I try to encourage a flexible mindset and practice the concept of learning from errors. I also give writing points when the students use Duolingo vocabulary in other class writing assessments. It is fun to see words pop up that i did not teach. We do other classroom activities most days, so Duolingo is just a supplement. Next year, when my eighth grade has personal iPads, i will experiment with using Duolingo for fewer minutes at a time, but more often during the week. At the high school, I will still need to check out the cart and am more likely to have the occasional duolingo day. I also tell parents of struggling students about Duolingo and encourage review at home with parents. It helps the parents when they have something concrete to work on with their students.


Thank you for your thorough response! I'm wondering if we teachers go ahead and start amassing our resources for each other to access! I know it had been mentioned as in the works, but it seems like there's lots of cool stuff going on.

I realize after this post how fortunate I am to have iPad access across the board. Although Duolingo still has limitations (mostly in terms of helping teach communication--but that's what the rest of class can be used for), I'm thinking it's a great way to get students into languages.


I would be happy to explore shared resources. IPads are coming - next year to 8th grade, and they will carry them forward throughout their high school years. As I teach mostly German 1, in two years, most of my students will have access to iPads. That was the main reason that I really explored Duolingo this year - and I am glad that I did.


I've recommended it to my adult ESL class as a supplement to the class and a way to practice when they can't make it to class. I don't formally assign it, as not everyone has regular internet access, except at the library, and they don't have time to hang out at the library. I do check occasionally to see how far they've gotten, and try to supplement some of the lessons with oral practice I'm doing the Spanish to English, reverse (for me) tree so I have an idea of what is being presented.


Interesting! I should point out that my students all have access to either iPads or lap tops, and that they have them daily in class. I could certainly see how if this is not the case, it'd be a major limitation to implementation in the classroom--especially the consistent use that seems to be most useful.


Same here regarding the out-of-classroom style of use. I teach in-company adults in Poland, most of them B2+ so sadly the English Through Polish Course has little to offer at their level (is there a way to contribute more advanced content to the Course? Summertime and all, I'd be happy to help) but the Immersion/Translation section seems to be working fine (I've just started using it earlier this week), apart from an occasional troll downvoting every translation better than their own. I'd love some kind of in-between section where students could translate both to L1 and L2 and their work (most likely full of errors ;o) would need to be discussed and/or approved by the person who posted the task (teacher) and up -or downvoted by others to collectively select the best version.


How do I make my account as a teacher.. It does not give me options!!


This feature doesn't exist. Lots of people would like to see it. Something like the teacher portal on Code Academy would be perfect with chat restricted to the class


They now have a dashboard for teachers to create classes and have students enroll. https://dashboard.duolingo.com/
you create the class and share that link with students, they log in from your new link and you're set to track their progress.


In my case, I use Duolingo as a complementary tool for the private lessons that I teach. The tool is not (yet) my focus, but it is indeed a great resource I use in combination with others. So far, as to the needs of my students, it is fine. However, I would add videos to enrich the listening and oral comprehension. I do have not thought of standards yet, but I do follow the instructions for Duolingo Teachers, assigning tasks and study time to my students. In relation to the stratgies used, I am very eclectic, so I combine the following strategies:

• Pre, during and post listening, speaking, reading and writing. • Culture focus • Pronunciation activities • Vocabulary learning: Content and function words, all categories. • Sentence construction • Dialogues and conversation role-playing. • Video, text, images and audio criticism (analysis and discussion) • Topics presentations.

For that, I use the following resources:

• Videos. • Movie clips. • TV series. • Images. • Audio files. • Songs. • Printed material. • Readings. • Newspapers and magazines. • Text books • Online Dictionaries • Notebook, etc.

Additionally, I try to implement as many dynamic activities as possible, to keep my students busy and immersed in their learning process. I do not make room for boredom or passiveness. I have not created additional content to enhance what Duolingo offers since I do not have time; but I would be greatly interested in doing so. I have tried other apps, but Duolingo is lighter, friendlier and simpler. I insist, if we incorporate videos with pre, during and post watching activities, it would be "the app".

Finally, I work with content sharing as well as content-based activities via WhatsApp and Internet. This allows me to make up for what Duolingo has not offered yet (videos, listenings, music, online activities, readings, among many others).

Teaching is an imperfectible art, which leaves room for continous creation and innovation in favor of the students' learning experience.


We have a new feature launching in the next two weeks that will help you use Duolingo in the classroom. I would love to hear the ways that you and other teachers are using Duolingo to teach your students. Any ideas are welcome! Share away!


Will it be a sophisticated monitoring program or will the students be separated from the rest of the community? What happens if a teacher's students consistently misbehave on the discussions?


Two weeks! Mon dieu. Merci infiniment!


That's awesome! I'm sure I'm not the only one excited about this. I think many other teachers have been waiting for this for a long time. I can tell you my students LOVE Duolingo and this is going to take things to the next level. Thank you very much :)


Can we have any details, I'm interested this. I'm a highschool student (Year 10 in Australia). What level of education is it aimed at?


Details please! It looks like this post was from 2 months ago. Can you point me in the direction of the classroom tools? Thanks!


Yes, this was posted 2 months ago. And we haven't heard much since then. Last month they mentioned something about a "Teams" feature that should be helpful to teachers, but we don't know much about it. Here's the link to that post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2335597

It said late april or early may, so I'm hoping it won't be long until it's released.


I may be teaching... well, let´s be honest, it´s the ´troubled young men´class in the near future at my middle school (12, 13, 14 year olds). Duolingo would be one of my options for their Independent Study component. Though I got to be honest... the old interface, with the bright blue sky, was a lot more appealing for kids that get attracted by shiny objects than the current grey sky!


Are the schools using this all in the US? It wouldn't get past the gender and diversity requirements for products sold to UK schools.


I'm not sure what you mean by gender and diversity reqs. And no I doubt it's used too widely.


Yes, what gender and diversity requirements does duolingo violate?


I teach Spanish at a PK-8 private school in California. I was first introduced to Duolingo by one of my 8th grade students who used it last summer to bolster his Spanish learning. When he returned to school in August his Spanish had gone through the roof. Since then, I use it as an activity (read: reward) for those who finish assignments early. My students often beg to play it and I frequently hear them say "I learned it on Duolingo". Because most of my students in grades 5-8 have studied Spanish since 1st grade, the vocabulary in the first lessons is not new to them, but the repeated practice with structure is. I would love to have tools to monitor my students progress and assign then Duolingo practice to complete either in class or at home. Please let us know when the features for the classroom are released!


I'm really keen to use duolingo in a primary school. To do this I would need to set up accounts that I can administer. None of the children have their own email account. Also, I would need to restrict chat to the individuals in the class. Are either of these things possible?


I'd love the answer to this questions as well. I am part of the Boys and Girls Club and would love to implement Duolingo as part of our daily activities!


I haven't been keeping up with what is going on with Duolingo over the summer but know that last year when we tested it - the students loved it!! I couldn't stop them! I would like to use it as their "homework" but need to know how I can check each student's progress without calling each student up to my desk (I have 160 students) to see where they are and what they have done. Please advise. Thank you Pam


Please direct me to the new feature for teachers - reading through the comments I don't seem to be able to sift out what exactly duolingo has that can help a teacher with accountability as well as making assignments. Please respond asap. School has begun and I would like to get the kids going on it without confusion. Thank you


Yes! I would love to know about this!


I teach 5th grade. I am thinking of introducing to my students to Duolingo through lesson one together. Then I am going to make it a "when I'm finished with my work" activity to choose. I think my students will love it!! We have chromebooks for all our 5th graders and they will have access to it throughout the day.


I teach 6-8 Spanish, and it will be awesome if this had a tool in which I could create groups and follow my students' progress


What are schools doing to protect students from the social aspect of the site? I'm concerned that anybody can communicate with a student in any way that they wish and that some very inappropriate things can occur and minimum, and crimes at worst.


Could I get some advice on how to change my account to a teacher account? I was using duolingo as a test to find out what it would be like from a student's point of view. I would now like to access the features available for teachers using the same email address.


Go to schools.duolingo.com It will use your same account when you were testing but you will be able to set up classrooms and access the teacher dashboard on this page. Let me know if you need any further help.


I teach simple Maltese and I was wondering if I could make a course on duolingo in Maltese.


I have a student who cannot seem to get past Basics 1. The other students in my class are not having a problem at all. Every time she clicks on Basics 2 she cannot progress. I am wondering what to do.


Tai Sao duelingo hai hom nay vao hoc khong Duoc ,vay lam Sao diem hoc xin chi dum Minh voi chuong trinh nay toi rat thich


edogawa conan kudo shinichi shiho miyano

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