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Can't work offline anymore

I have been using Duolingo app everyday for the past two months and really liked it. However, for the past two weeks or so, it keeps deleting the progress I make. I often work offline, and it worked before, but now the lessons I made offline are not synchronized. On the app, the numbers below the skill will show, for example: 7/10, but when I click it, the next lesson is locked. I am thinking of using something else then Duolingo now, because if I can't work offline, I will not be able to work everyday. Does anyone else have this problem? Any idea how to fix it?

March 3, 2014



Hi nadybl! I'm looking into this. Don't leave us! I'll get you some answers. Are you on iOS?


Can you first try logging in and out and try a lesson. If that doesn't work can you try reinstalling? Please let me know if this fixes what you're describing.


Hi! Thanks for your answer. Reinstalling didn't change anything, but logging in and out sometimes work. I was able to get back most of my progress back, thank you. I did notice something, but I also got an answer from you support team. Should I gave the details to them so you don't work double on this? Thanks again for your quick response.


I have the very same problem Nadybl. The offline feature is not working at all on my phone. It's been a while, while offline, I try clicking any thing on the app it says you have to be online or it does not work offline, not matter what! :(

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