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  5. "It is an old prison."

"It is an old prison."

Translation:Es una vieja prisión.

February 20, 2013



Why vieja comens before prision?


I think you have asked a good question. Not knowing what the speaker meant, it can't be determined. When a descriptive adjective comes before the noun, it has some sort of emotional emphasis to it. In other words, It emphasizes it. In English we might say something like this: It is an old prison (use adjective after the noun). Or, we could say something like this: Wow! it is a really old prison. (in this case adjective before the noun and 'really' isn't translated.) I am told we will eventually get the feeling of which way. I would be happy if I got the feeling now.:]


I think they're synonyms.


why " Es un viejo pricion" is wrong?


Yes, because you mixed masculine and feminine. Should use vieja to agree with prisión. I will give you a helpful tip: nouns that end in sión. and ción are feminine. And I guess also that you misspelled prisión.:]

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