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Idiomatically inappropriate sentences in practice tree

When going through the English to Spanish tree I've received a couple sentences that have inappropriate connotations in English.

The most obvious one is in Dates and Time Lesson 2 and involves reference to a musical instrument.

March 3, 2014



I think you're referring to "He plays the flute at night." If so, that isn't an inappropriate sentence - men can play the flute, and it is conceivable that it would be played in the evening. It's only inappropriate if you give it that connotation.


Not in English. Is it a standard euphemism in Spanish?


In the actual discussion page for that sentence, a spanish-speaker said that it is only euphemistic if the sentence is turned personal, as in "He plays his flute at night."


hey there! What's the sentence?


¿Tocas la flauta por las noches? - Do you touch (play) the flute at night?


I would be concerned if it was specifically in the Idiomatic bonus lesson. But, it's not. And on it's own that sentence is fine. People practice all kinds of instruments at all hours of 24. It is still in literal usage, context would be most important for any other interpretation and this sentence has none where it is placed. :)

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Yeah, well, I was told that in Honduras, the Spanish word for "spoon" has an entirely different meaning. Thus, "Quiero tu <spoon>" or "tu <spoon> es muy pequeña" could be slightly misleading to say the very least.

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