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To walk in Spanish

Hi, I am hoping someone can clarify something for me :o)
I thought that "to walk" in Spanish was "andar" but according to the lesson I am currently doing here it says it is "caminar", so I am confused. Do both words mean exactly the same, or is there a difference?

February 20, 2013



I'm pretty sure that 'caminar' literally means 'to walk', while 'andar' means 'to go for a walk'.


Brilliant - that makes sense now :o) Thanks so much for your help.


andar no es muy utilizada, tu no le dices a alguien vamos a andar, le dices vamos a caminar, hay quienes dicen "el anda caminando" (he is walking), es algo redudante pero algunas partes de latinoamerica asi se usa


"Caminar" refers to the physical act of walking, while "andar" can refer to either the physical act of walking or "going" in general. For example, "¿Cómo andas?" could be translated as "How's it going?", while "¿Cómo caminas?" should be translated as "How do you walk?"


You can use both mostly when referring to walk. The big picture is that they have more meanings or applications. I leave you a couple of official links so you can check them out.



Basically andar is one of those verbs than can be used as "to go" in english, unrelated to movement from A to B, such as "I'll get the kettle going". Andar can be used on that meaning with machines to. Although might be considered not "high level Spanish", it is commonly used.

Then is, of course, Anda ya!, which can be translated as come on!


¡Andale! ¡Andale! ¡Arriba, arriba!


At times, there is a difference; here is a link that might help not only with these two words, but others as well. Play with this site; there's lots to learn. http://www.wordreference.com/es/en/translation.asp?spen=caminar


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