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  5. "Ei construiesc cu sticlă."

"Ei construiesc cu sticlă."

Translation:They build with glass.

January 31, 2017



they build with bottle , why not?


Perhaps if 'sticla' (the bottle) or the plural version were used (sticli/sticlii)(sp?) - I am still learning myself, but "They build with bottle" seems grammatically incorrect.

If anyone can chime in to correct or confirm me it would be appreciated! Thanks!


in Romanian "sticlă" means "bottle", but also "glass". so the homonyms are different from English (and other European languages) where "glass" has those two meanings. in Romanian "pahar" means "glass (to drink out of)" but never the material "glass".


sticlă can mean both bottle and the material glass.


The new audio is awful


Sticlă: 2 meanings, bottle and glass. As in English "glass" has also 2 meanings, the material itself and the drinking container. Romanian, even though it's basically a Romance language, it has a multitude of words with Slavic roots. The material of glass is called "staklo" in Serbian. Meanwhile, "cup" in neighboring Ukraine it's called чашка (ceașca), or "pehar" in Serbian. Glass (the drinking container) is čaša (ceașa) in Serbian...


They construct with glass should have been accepted :-/


Is there a reason 'construct' is not accepted as opposed to 'build'?


Construct is a transitive verb in English (or at least it is in U.S. English) and so requires a direct object, which this sentence doesn't have. Build, on the other hand, can be either transitive or intransitive in English. Here it's intransitive.


They construct with glass should also be accepted


It's grammatically incorrect... see above


"Sticla" literally means "Glass" and is colloquially used to also mean "Bottle". The popup hints only said "Bottle" which would be misleading to the student.

I read this to my girlfriend and she used the word "glass" without giving it a moments thought.

As for construiesc === construct ... I don't know about that, but I did use that word and got marked wrong.


I had forgotten -- sticla literally means glass, and the only reason it means bottle is that many bottles are made of glass.


It should accept bottle as it's interchangeable

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